Getting the Best Seat in the House: A Tip From the DFB Guide

We continue to celebrate the launch of our 2013 Edition of the The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book with one of my favorite restaurant tips from the DFB Guide!

Fireworks from Bistro de Paris Window

There are lots of unique reasons to dine in certain Disney World restaurants, and one of the most interesting is the view you’ll have from your table.

At many Disney World restaurants, you’ll have the chance to glimpse fireworks shows, parades, animals, and more, but only if you ask for the right tables!

For example, at Epcot’s Bistro de Paris you’ll have a wonderful view of the Epcot fireworks, but to get it you’ll have to score a window-side table. The key? Make sure your reservation is for about an hour before the fireworks begin, and be sure to request a fireworks-view table — a seat in the middle of the row of tables next to the window — when you check in for your reservation!

While nothing is ever guaranteed, if you let the host know you’re willing to wait a bit longer for a great table, chances are good you’ll have a wonderful dining experience with a fantastic view of the show!

Want to know more about which seats to request in which restaurants?

Find this and detailed recommendations for seating requests at many other Disney World restaurants in The DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining 2013! Get $4 off today with code 2013!

What are your favorite table requests? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    Definitely a wonderful tip! One problem I have heard is that some restaurants with a reservation system tend to try and push you along so as to get another customer in.

  2. Shayne says

    Josh, we were worried about this when we ate at La Hacienda de San Angel last month. We had a 7:45 ADR and were hoping to see Illuminations at 9:00. In fact, we had just the opposite experience. Our waitress quickly caught on that we were trying to stretch out our meal, and she was not pushy and did not make us feel rushed. We ended up with a great view of Illuminations from the restaurant! To my surprise, the restaurant was only about 2/3 full at 9:00.

    Granted, we were there on Valentine’s Day, so it’s a less busy time in the parks altogether, but so long as you are seated within a reasonable time before the fireworks, I’ve never had a problem with being pushed out by the waitstaff (we’ve also done “fireworks” dining at California Grill”).

  3. says

    The only request I’ve made is at Le Cellar I’m a party of two or smaller and smaller request to sit against the wall. Sitting in the middle of the room can activate my vertigo with all the noise and movement all around me. So I’d make an off hours adr and about half the time be told it wasn’t possible until I spoke to the manager. I’ve stopped eating there with the price increase so I don’t worry about it anymore.

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