Snack Series: Strawberry-Filled Churros At Friar’s Nook in Magic Kingdom

Check out this tasty looking new snack found at Friar’s Nook! Located in the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, stop by for a treat after visiting the Hundred Acre Wood pals on your honey-pot ride, or after spending a few sunny minutes on Dumbo!

And, of course, an inside look!

Thanks to Aurora Moore for the photos and heads’ up!


  1. says

    Wow, that sure is different!

    Any idea if it is a Strawberry Filling, Goo, or baked into the bread?

    @Nicola – I believe the regular Churro is on the DDP, so no idea why this one wouldn’t be. ;)

  2. Emma Godbold says

    Loving Janna’s idea of a caramel filled option! Tried my first ever churro in DTD back in December, was slightly disappointed as a lot more fried and crunchy than I had expected. Think this strawberry filled one might give it a little something extra :)

  3. says

    Jill- I don’t think that it has seed, it was more like a Jelly then a Jam… I am not TOTALLY Positive but, none of the three of us remember any seeds!
    Nicola- They are not available on the DDP, the gentlemen ahead of us asked yesterday while in Line
    Josh- it was baked in, now while I dont know if it is injected and then deep fried or what but, it was warm and sweet and gooey like jelly but not as thin as jelly, it was thick like Jam but didnt have seeds… LOL
    I’m sorry if this is all confusing!

    It was kinda pricey for one snack but it was a good snack to have! Tasted like a Warm Cinnamon Sugar rolled Toaster Strudel !

    Glad I could Help AJ :) Being a Local AP/CM has its advantages :P

  4. Jill says

    Aurora- Thanks so much….my husband loves churros and strawberry jelly, but can’t have seeds so this will be our must have next trip to the world… Thanks.

  5. says

    I just ventured to Magic Kingdom to find these a week ago. They moved them over to the Churro cart next to the Teacups ride!

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