Disney Food Blog Restaurant Search Tool Now In Beta

We’ve got great news to share! The Disney Food Blog Restaurant Search Tool is currently in Beta and available for use and feedback! We introduced this tool to our Disney Food Blog Newsletter subscribers a couple of months ago, and now it’s time to unveil it to everyone!

The DFB Restaurant Search gives readers the opportunity to search Walt Disney World restaurants for the perfect fit for their family! Simply click a section of the search that’s important to you and check the box that fits your needs. The tool does the rest!

Mix and match from dozens of options, then click on any resulting restaurant to see details, check menus, and read Disney Food Blog posts about those locations.

Your thoughts and suggestions about how to make it better are anticipated and welcome (we know there are a few bugs!). Head over to the DFB Restaurant Search Tool and start playing!


  1. says

    This tool will definitely come in handy! I’m just curious as to how it decides on recommendations like “Good for Romance”…

    Also, a snack option would be helpful incase you just want something quick.

  2. Kristina says

    I have been playing around with options on the tool and I must say I already LOVE it!

  3. says

    Sarah — Glad you like it! Lemme know if you have any suggestions to make it better.

    Scott — Yay!! Thank you!

    Josh — Those are all subjective, but we think they’re good options for romance :-) Great idea about snack option!

    Kristina — Great! Thank you so much for your support, Kristina!

    Mrs M — Awesome! Let me know if there are any updates we should be making.

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