Disney Puts More Focus on Healthy Food

You’ll soon see more options from Disney in your produce aisle!

Disney Consumer Products (DCP) will strive to make their Disney-branded produce more widely available in your grocery store and in the parks — as well as introduce more varieties.

Furthering their commitment to helping families eat healthier, shoppers will find Foodles by Crunch Pak (packs in the shape of Mickey Mouse, with apples, grapes, cheese, pretzels and other products) and produce from Dayka Hackett and Chelan Fresh, according to a Disney news release.

Foodles at Disneyland

To locate these items, look for the Disney Magic of Healthy Living logo, a new Disney leaf icon logo and the nutritional information on the front of each package. The Crunch Pak Apple Slices, for example, include 14 oz. of sweet red apples. Put these in your kids lunch boxes or serve as an after-school snack!

John King, director for DCP proudly stated that with more than one billion servings of fruits and vegetables purchased, Disney is clearly helping families make healthier food choices. In North America, Disney has reduced their special treat food products to 15%; the other 85% of Disney-branded food is devoted to “everyday” foods.

Most of you have seen the Magic of Healthy Living public service ads on the Disney Channel that feature First Lady Michelle Obama and young Disney stars as part of this initiative! Here’s a little more info…


  1. Amy :) says

    We have some Disney items in our market already. Freeze dried fruits, mini-bananas, and cheese in the shape of mickey heads. I buy them all because I’m a sucker for cuteness! :) But I confess, fruits and veggies taste better with Mickey on ‘em!

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    Or, you could skip the packaging and processing and buy your child an apple.

  3. says

    Eek. I appreciate what they’re trying to do, but I have a slight reservation… Why so many freaky ingredients? Food colouring in the cheese? Hmm…

    Every little bit helps, but I don’t think this’ll communicate to the mothers who are concerned about the cost of healthy eating.

    I’d give it a B-.

    Apologies, AJ – I’m a terrible bore, but my blogs come in two main headings – Disney, and food politics :D

  4. AFoodie says

    Sad to hear that it’s not really healthy. And it probably costs more than other brands of the same stuff, too. Not for me or my kid! We’ll stick to the unhealthy monster candy apples from Goofy’s Candy Co.!!!! :)

  5. Chris says

    Is this where I admit I bought the apples last year when they appeared in our supermarket, saved the tray, and now pack better stuff into it? Can’t get much Disney Magic in the midwest, so it is a cute thing to have.

  6. Kim says

    Chris – it’s amazing what we’ll do to bring a little Disney magic into our everyday lives!!

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