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Disney Food Pics of the Week: Anniversary Desserts

Thank you for submitting your pictures to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza! Viewing your photos is a lot of fun and definitely tides us over between trips!

The Disney Food Pics of the Week this week feature desserts served to celebrate an anniversary. In honor of the Disney Food Blog’s two year anniversary, we want to thank our readers with these creative treats!

This anniversary dessert was served at Citricos in Disney World’s Grand Floridian Resort.
Photographer: Carlos and Jen

Citrico's Anniversary Dessert

Chef Mickey’s presented a happy couple with cupcakes!
Photographer: Steph_in_MA

Chef Mickey's Cupcakes

This anniversary surprise was created for guests dining at Boma in the Animal Kingdom Lodge!
Photographer: Kitchenphobe / Sara

Boma Anniversary Surprise Dessert

All images are copyrighted to their photographers. Do not download or re-use without photographer permission.

As always, thank you to the photographers who have submitted these photos to the Disney Food Blog Photo Extravaganza on Flickr! Join us for Foodie Photo Fun!

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  1. Sara says:

    Yay very excited to see my anniversary treat here! That frosting heart from Chef Mickeys is too cute!

  2. Kim says:

    Sara, how was your anniversary treat? It looks delicious! Cheers!!

  3. Thanks for this!! My parents will be celebrating their 30th anniversary when we go in November and I am hoping they’ll receive some fun surprises!!

  4. Sara says:

    Kim – it was really good! It had a fruit jelly candy, an apple pastry, a macaron, and a chocolate truffle. All were fresh and delicious! :)

  5. Shayne says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary, DFB!!!

  6. Nate says:

    Happy Anniversary, AJ! I look forward to the years to come! :)

  7. Jennifer says:

    Happy Anniversary AJ! This post makes me really excited cause our October trip is for our anniversary and I made sure to let our travel agent know, I also put the note with our ADR’s. I’m not going to expect anything special cause the trip is special enough but it is always worth a shot to note it, haha!

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