Disney World AMC Theatre Dine-In Experience Begins May 16

The AMC Theatre in Downtown Disney Orlando will unveil a new experience with in-theatre dining on May 16, 2011. This 24-screen cineplex gives food top billing with great menu choices in six of their auditoriums. The menu will include quesadillas, burgers, flatbread pizzas, grilled sandwiches, specialties, and tempting appetizers and desserts (see a sample menu here). Quench your thirst with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic specialty drinks, beer and wine.

Guests will watch feature films while savoring cuisine and cocktails! AMC Dine-In Theatres offer this meal with your movie option along with a convenient bar and lounge, MacGuffins, for gatherings before or after the flick. When you opt for the Dine-In experience, you’ll enjoy casual, table top dining with reserved seats. Best of all, you won’t miss a minute of the on-screen action with personalized service brought to your seat and a call button to quietly signal your server.

Sample Menu Page

Guests of the Fork and Screen option will need to be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a parent/guardian. Guests of MacGuffins will need to be at least 18 (21 to drink alcoholic beverages) and under-age patrons must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 21 years old. Note that all guests ordering alcoholic beverages will be carded.

Sample Menu Page 2

Ticket prices: $6-13
Menu items begin at $6.59-8.99 for appetizers and adult entrees from $8.59-11.99. See updated pricing at AMC Theater Fork and Screen site and visit the Downtown Disney 24 link.



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    That’s terrific! We have many movie theatres in Portland that offer in-movie dining, and it’s a real treat! Go check this out!

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    This is an excellent idea. For parents with kids, it is a great way to get the “dinner & a movie” date experience while saving on babysitting costs. Instead of being out for 4 or 5 hours, you could be out for only 3. There is actually a dine-in experience theater located nearby to me that I’ve been meaning to try. This article was a great reminder that I need to make arrangements to do it!

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    I went here for the first time this past weekend, to see Green Lantern. It was a very enjoyable experience. Seating opened about 30 minutes before my movie’s scheduled show time, and my order was taken about 2 minutes after I sat down. The appetizer arrived during the “First Look” set of pre-movie commercials. The entree arrived during the trailers. The server was very responsive to the call button to refill drinks and such. She delivered my check about an hour into the movie. My soda, appetizer, entree, tax, & tip came to $30, plus another $10 for the actual movie ticket (matinee showing with my Annual Passholder discount)

    @Rose – yes, you can have a drink or order from the full menu at McGuffin’s, without purchasing a movie ticket. I saw two or three people do just that while I waited for my movie.

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