Disney California Adventure Opens Two New Restaurants July 1st!

As we previously mentioned here, two new restaurants are slated to open in Disneyland.

Mark your calendars for July 1, 2011, when two new counter-service restaurants open at Disney California Adventure. The new eateries will share a 900 seat location in Paradise Pier where they’ll serve lunch and dinner including healthy menu items.

Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta

With an on-stage kitchen, the menu will feature flatbreads, pastas and salads tossed fresh! Flatbread choices will include cheese or pepperoni for less adventurous diners. For guests that want more variety, choose a Portobello mushroom and spinach option.

Pasta lovers can twirl their forks with spaghetti and savor meatballs on the side. Try the pasta mixed with chicken in a sun-dried tomato sauce or sample the ravioli (did we mention it is a five-cheese version?) with pesto and toasted pine nuts.


Salads can be hearty too! Choose between

chicken Caesar, Mediterranean (provolone, salami, capocollo, mozzarella, ham, roasted peppers, olives, greens, red wine vinaigrette) or a field greens mix with dried cranberries, raisins, pecans and basil vinaigrette.

Paradise Garden Grill

Visit the Paradise Garden Grill for healthy eats with Mediterranean flavors. The grill will feature skewers and kabobs (lemon-oregano chicken, Mediterranean, grilled steak, veggie and tofu) with rice pilaf, cucumber salad and grilled pita. Choice of dipping sauces include: Moroccan chili tomato, chimichurri, tandoori-spiced yogurt and tzatziki (a yogurt, cucumber and garlic concoction). Also on the menu is a Greek salad with grilled pita.

A Classic Greek Salad with Grilled Pita

For little adventurers, a grilled chicken skewer or beef kabob is listed with a choice of sauce.

When are YOU going to the new Paradise Pier?


  1. Lynne says

    Good to know that there will be some new options at C.A. since we’ll be headed back to California next year. I’m sure we’ll try at least one, that is, if I can pry my husband away from the DL corn dogs!

  2. Lillian C. says

    Really looking forward to trying the kebabs and skewers at the Paradise Garden Grill. YUM!

  3. Lisa says

    Had lunch there today :) My husband had the beef skewers with the spicy sauce and loved it. When we were there a band was playing some classic Italian songs. We had a great time!

  4. says

    Lillian — Let us know what you think!

    Janet — Ha ha! I could go for that bread pudding on both coasts!

    Lisa — Thanks for the review!

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