Fancy Flights: Margaritas, Whiskey, and Beer, Oh My!

When most people hear the word “flight” when referring to a menu — they automatically think “wine flight.” Well, while Disney restaurants have some spectacular wine flights (Sanaa…yum!), there are also plenty of other kinds of flights that I can recommend you order up post haste on your next visit! :-)

Margarita Flight

This beautiful little tray of heaven (as I like to refer to it) sports five gorgeous mini-margaritas. On my last visit, we were treated to Lime, Pineapple, Hibiscus, Jalapeno, and Mango Blueberry flavors on the tray, but the tequila geniuses that have taken over the creation of the bar menus at Disney’s Mexican food joints are always dreaming up new and inventive options. My favorites? Lime, Mango Blueberry, and Pineapple. But that Jalapeno will definitely knock your socks off with flavor.

Margarita Flight

You can get these at most of Disney’s Mexican food locations, including Maya Grill and Rix Lounge at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and La Hacienda de San Angel in Epcot’s World Showcase.

If you’re very, very lucky, you can also get one in my favorite place in all of Disney World — La Cava del Tequila — in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion pyramid. This tiny little tequila bar is small on space but MASSIVE on taste. You can see my La Cava del Tequila review here :-)

While tequila flights are always available at La Cava, the margarita flight is sometimes hard to find here. I’m told it’s because the place isn’t big enough — and not enough flights are ordered — to support making them there. If you’re there and they’re not serving the Marg flights, grab an Avocado Margarita instead.

Beer Flights

Where do you go for a thirst-quenching mug of beer? A pub, of course! The Rose and Crown in Epcot’s United Kingdom pavilion has the “Imperial Sampler,” which is Imperially fabulous.

Rose and Crown's Imperial Sampler

For $10 ($10!!!!) it includes a glass of each: Bass, Harp, Strongbow, Boddington’s, and Guinness. This has pretty much become my husband’s favorite memory of Disney World. Ever. And we think you’ll like it, too.

Imperial Sampler -- Bass, Harp, Strongbow, Boddington's, Guinness

If you’re like me and haven’t yet gotten the swing of the beer drinking thing, go for the Strongbow. Sweet as honey.

And should you be hanging around in Orlando’s Downtown Disney for the evening, you should definitely spend a bit of time over at Raglan Road, where you can indulge in another beer flight — a fully Irish one! Enjoy “the four provinces” with tastes of Guinness, Smithwicks, Harp, and Kilkenny!

Raglan Road Four Provinces Flight

Thanks to our friends at for sending over the pic!

Whiskey Flight

Le Cellier serves up a Canadian Whiskey Flight with 3/4 oz. servings of Pendleton, 40 Creek, and Crown Royal.

Whisky Flight

Although I’m not a whiskey expert, my fave was the 40 Creek. I do have to say, though — whiskey does not go down smooth for me! You whiskey lovers need to give me some tips as to the best ways to appreciate this find spirit!

Still, since it’s good to expand your horizons, I’m going to recommend this one as something you can’t just get anywhere in Disney World, and you know I’m always a fan of unique offerings in the World’s restaurants. :-) Well done, Le Cellier.

So tell me about YOUR favorite flights in Disney restaurants! Can’t wait to go try ‘em!!


  1. Alan says

    The three flights AJ featured evoke an odd response in me. While at WDW I usually drink draft beers but the two Brittish pubs serve good but familiar brews that most beer drinkers don’t need to sample. I do like all kinds of whiskeys but almost always in cocktails and not as sipping drinks. The one flight that is very appealing is the Margarita flight and to be truthful margaritas are one of my least favorite drinks.

    This is a very nice trend.

  2. says

    I hate, hate, hate beer– always have, and probably always will….but….(and there’s always a but!), the Strongbow I had in Epcot last year made me a changed woman! It was like drinking sparkling cider! I loved it!
    I’ll have to give the margarita sampler a try though- now *that* looks amazing!

  3. Adhi says

    Since I love beers, I’m always apt to order a flight when they are available (followed by a pint or two of my favorite). I’ve found the Germany flight to be pretty good, especially for those who have not had any of the Spaten beers, but as with Alan’s comment, the Rose and Crown flight is composed of beers I would imagine most people have tried before. Aside from the Boddington’s and Strongbow, most others are not too hard to find in a standard bar. Nonetheless, for those who do want to sample some UK beers with their food, this is a pretty nice option, especially for $10! Even though I have had each of these before, its still nice to order to the flight and see how things pair (especially when trying a new dish). The other flights also look excellent, and I will be sure to try the whiskey selection when at le cellier. I’ve often thought of trying the Johnnie Walker flight at Rose and Crown, but if I remember correctly it was pretty expensive for a selection of three that did not include the Blue Label. I guess the value with some of these flights is debatable, but the experience is always great.

  4. Mark D. says

    On Friday I had the Martini Flight at the Hollywood Derby. Not too bad and for less than $10.

  5. says

    I haven’t done it yet but Big River Grille and Brewing Works offers a beer flight of their six brews (Gadzooks Pilsner, Rocket Red Ale, Southern Flyer Light Lager, Steamboat Pale Ale, Sweet Magnolia American Brown Ale, Wowser’s Wheat).

  6. Janelle says

    Do they serve the margarita flight at the San Angel Inn? I have a reservation there for Monday and would love to give them a try!

  7. vanessa says

    We love La Cava de Tequila! Last time we went on a Saturday and the guy which happened to be a little rude mentioned that they only have the margarita flight during the week. So A.J. is right, “if you’re lucky.” It’s best to walk up and ask if they’re offering the flight and if that’s what you’re heart is set for, then you’re all set, if not, you can just thank them and walk away. =D

    Germany has an amazing flight for 9 dollars for 2oz pours I believe which includes Ice Wine which is amazing. is one of our favorite drink websites and is slowly growing but it lists prices, reviews etc of all our favorite drinks in the world. The link is to Epcot but they’re adding more and more. =D

  8. says

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I had no idea they did this! I’ve heard of wine flights and beer samplers, but never margarita samplers. I’m in! I love being able to sample drinks. Although those look pretty darn big….someone might need to cart me back to my room afterwards. :-)

  9. James (Disneynorth) says

    Another great post AJ!

    The beer sampler at R&C is kinda disappointing. I agree that most of those beers are widely available. I’m most surprised that they include Strongbow in the flight, as it isn’t actually a beer. It is a cider. A great cider, but not a beer…

    The Rye Whiskey flight at Le Cellier looks great. They should have served the Rye in these glasses:

  10. Sandra says

    The thing about Strongbow that makes it drinkable for beer-haters is it is not beer, but hard cider, something that is commonly on tap in Britian but not so much here. We can buy several varieties in bottles at our local grocery. I do feel that folks should be warned that it packs an alcoholic punch, so quaffing a couple pints could give you wobbly legs when you try to stand.

    I am a big hard cider fan, but also love good British and German beers, having been tutored in this by a friendly guy in England, and by my husband here, who spent part of his young life in Germany and also had a homebrew shop for a few years. He does most of his beer drinking in Germany when we visit, but maybe we’ll try R&C for our next trip as well. I have to admit, I still haven’t worked up to a straight Guinness though!

  11. Bethany says

    They have a sake flight at Teppen Edo…for a first time sake drinker it’s wonderful and inexpensive.

  12. Josh says

    FYI for those who haven’t tried it, the Avocado Margarita that AJ referred too at La Cava is pretty amazing. This is coming from a guy who is not to fond of avocados in the first place. However, on our last trip I saw one of the bartenders making this green crazy concoction and I had to know what it tasted like. So he decided to make a little extra and pour me a sampling on the house. I was blown away by how refreshing and delicious it was. And don’t worry, you can still taste the Tequila. I agree with AJ 100%, you have to try this.

  13. Galloping Gourmand says

    I’m not a hard liquor drinker, but the Reserva De La Cava tequila flight (Don Julio Blanco, Tres Generaciones Reposado, Jose Cuervo Reserva Anejo) is good. I’ve said on this blog a few times: sip your tequila people! Touch your tongue to the tequila, take a small sip, let it coat the inside of your mouth and move down your tongue, and only then swallow. Then teach all the other people slamming $20 shots of fine liquor what to do. People might look at you funny, but the staff will know you know what your doing. Plus, it makes your shot last.

  14. says

    Definitely recommend the beer flight at Big River Grill. They make the beer onsite and do a fine job with it. The Rocket Red Ale is my favorite. My wife is a fan of the Riesling flight at Biergarten – it is the main reason we are dining there again next month.

  15. says

    Alan — Let me know what you think if you try the Margarita Flight. The margs at La Cava and the other spots run by San Angel Inn, LLC, have become quite “boutique.” They’re definitely not your standard margarita.

    Dana — My sentiments exactly on the Strongbow.

    Adhi — Agreed on value vs. experience! And thanks for the tip on the Germany flight!

    Mark — Thanks for the reminder! I should have included the martini flight in this post!

    Scott — You haven’t tried it yet? Tsk Tsk Tsk. It’s YOUR job to try it. ;-) (I haven’t tried it either, yet. Let me know what you think when you get over there.)

    Janelle — I’m not 100% sure on San Angel Inn. I’m pretty sure about La Hacienda, Maya Grill, and Rix Lounge. I hope so!!

    Vanessa — Great suggestion on asking first at La Cava.

    Gray — The wonders of Disney transportation! :-)

    James — Thanks for the tip on the glasses! I didn’t get too far with the whiskey…I need to work a little harder in that field!

    Sandra — Me either! I think I’m the only person who’s ever toured the Guinness Brewery in Dublin who didn’t drink their free pint at the end! I need to go into Stout training!

    Bethany — Great tip!! I loved my visit to the sake bar in Japan; will have to try the sake flight at Teppan Edo next time I go!

    Josh — Isn’t it wonderful? I don’t eat avocado generally, so I’m surprised how much I loved that drink!

    JoAnn — Yay!! Which one will you try?

    GG — I’m pretty sure I HAVE to sip my tequila. That stuff can burn! Great suggestion on the tequila flight!

    Joe — Love the idea of the Riesling flight!

  16. says

    The Cava del Tequila has tequila flights that are a lot of fun, and helped me learn to appreciate tequila, not just in margaritas. I believe there are three different flights ranging in quality.

  17. says

    Love the Beer flight at Big River and the rocket red is my fave. Also been dying to try the margarita flight but it hasn’t been offered any of the times I’ve been to La Cava.

    I recently had a Fab beer flight at the WAVE in the Contemporary. It was an organic beer flight from Orlando Brewing. LOVED IT and my wine drinking friends had the wine flight there. I did try the avocado margarita at La Hacienda this week. It tasted just like banana. I don’t care for bananas but if you like em you will like the avocado margarita. Ole!

  18. Craig H says

    Flights are becoming very popular around WDW. On a recent trip we enjoyed dessert wine and port flights at the Flying Fish and Artist Point. I understand dessert wine and port flights are available at several of the upscale resturants. They make a great alternative to a heavy dessert.

  19. Rich T. says

    Raglan Road has a very nice Irish whiskey flight, the High Falutin’ flight, that contained some very hard to come by choices.

  20. Scott D says

    Late to this party–
    Just a note–Canadian Whiskeys are blended Whiskeys–not straight Rye.

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