Guest Review: Vegan and Gluten-Free Meal at Remy on the Disney Dream

Let’s welcome back guest reviewer, Cheryl Perlmutter, with another restaurant review from the Disney Dream. This time, she dines at Remy and shares her vegan meal with our readers. Thanks, Cheryl!

In February, I went on the Disney Dream as part of the WDW Radio Cruise group. When I dine out, I request vegan meals and I am also gluten intolerant. Before boarding the ship, I contacted my travel agency and Disney Special Services. I noted my allergies and dietary needs and made requests.

Since I was planning an anniversary dinner on my May 2011 cruise, I decided to do a test run dinner at Remy with my friend Dana. At dinner the previous night, I contacted the restaurant manager who had been assigned to help with my special diet. I alerted him that I had dinner planned at Remy, and he notified Remy that I would be dining there the following night.

That night, dinner at Remy was excellent – the staff was very accommodating. The cheese course felt awkward as I was not eating, and my suggestion would be for them to get vegan cheeses for the cheese course portion of the meal.

The best dish was the Garlic Potato Puree, while the worst dish was the spaghetti squash as the flavor just wasn’t there.

garlic potato puree

Spaghetti Squash

I should have questioned the lollipops and the creme brulee.


creme brulee

Below are more photos from my meal, I loved it so much that I requested they make some of the dishes again at Royal Palace for our last night.

Declinaison Tomate

Declinaison Tomate

champagne colette cocktail



click image for larger version

Thanks for this great insight, Cheryl! Sounds like Remy was a “dream” on the dream! (Too dorky? Maybe. I’ll do better next time.)


  1. Alan says

    It doesn’t seem like a lot of food but the presentation was really nice. The lollipops and chocolate seemed a little odd.

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