Guest Review: Pink on the Disney Dream

Welcome to guest author Nancy Oates, who’s sharing with us today a visit to the Disney Dream’s Pink Lounge! Take it away, Nancy!

With a name like Pink and a subtle elephant on the door to welcome us, it quickly became clear that we were entering an extension of the Pink Elephants on Parade scene from the movie Dumbo.


Fittingly, the lounge was pink and ethereal. Even the lighting mimicked the bubbles in a champagne glass.

Seating and Bar at Pink

Champagne Decor

Here are those champagne bubble lights we mentioned…

Pink Bubble Lights

Pink Lace-Up Bar Decor

Pink Champagne Glass Light Fixture


Based on the recommendation from a server at Skyline Lounge next door, we ordered the Taittinger Prestige Rosé Champagne Escape served with verrine. We did this without a glance at the menu and later found out that each serving cost $19 — woops!

While the light, airy atmosphere relaxed us outwardly, the intoxicating bubbly relaxed us inside. This particular champagne is made especially for Disney and can only be found on their cruise line. I’m not a great champagne lover, but this liquid had just the right amount of tickle.


The verrine choices were mango, raspberry, and peach. We tried the first two and both of us preferred the strong, fruity burst of the raspberry. The silver ‘spoon’ had only a slight curve at the end of it for use in scooping up the dessert.

While stylish, it would not be my utensil of choice. It did, however, keep me from gobbling up the creamy delight in unlady-like mouthfuls. (Perhaps the actual purpose behind the shape?)

Our excellent server, Elena, provided a few interesting details as she hand washed each purée bottle by hand and placed each in its own cushioned box.


Apparently her loving care stemmed from the fact that each bottle cost about $700. We did not witness her hand washing the champagne glasses, but then, they only cost about $40 each. Why does Disney go to this extreme? So the glass will not taint the product; thus, the flavor will be just right!

Editor’s Note: We also were lucky enough to get a photo of a Pink cocktail from Beci Mahnken of MEI/Mouse Fan Travel!

Pink Cocktail and Menu

Thanks to Nancy and Beci for sharing their excursions into one of the hottest new nightclubs in the Disney Cruise Line fleet!


  1. Marianne says

    I highly recommend the champagne tasting at Pink. For $20, you get a glass of the signature rose champagne, plus three(!) other champagnes, and finish with a champagne cocktail. These are full glasses, not little tasting pours. There are only 10 seats for the tasting, so it sells out quickly.

  2. Marianne says

    @AJ, The date and time of the champagne tasting is listed in the Navigator. On our 4-nt cruise, it was on the Nassau day, I think at 3pm. You can sign up via Guest Services, either in person (at the desk) or over the phone. It’s led by the head sommelier on the Dream, an interesting guy.

  3. Jen says

    Thanks for the review. I love champagne and can’t wait to go to Pink for our NYE’s Dream cruise. Do you know if you can have a bottle of their signature rose champagne delivered to your stateroom and if so, how much is a bottle?

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