Dining in Disneyland: An Apple A Day Keeps the Dirt Away?

Heather Sievers, DFB’s Dining in Disneyland columnist, had to do a bit of a double take…

Hanging Fruit Basket Displays

A few weeks ago, I was strolling through Downtown Disney when, from afar ,I noticed a delicious-looking fresh fruit stand.  I thought to myself, what an awesome idea to bring fresh produce to the area; I’d love to pick up a crisp apple or some tasty strawberries.  And then I got closer.

Fresh Fruit? Nope. Soap.

Let me introduce you to Downtown Disney’s newest retail cart: The Fruitful Soap Garden.  That’s right folks, fruit shaped SOAP.  What a let down that my dreams of fresh fruit were shattered in the name of cleanliness.  The Fruitful Soap Garden is an entire cart filled with fruit soap doppelgangers.  Lookalikes so close to the real thing that they might just make your mouth water.

The Fruitful Soap Garden

Nectarines & Pineapples

Plums & Granny Smith Apples

Bananas & Avocados


Golden Delicious Apples & Kiwi

Red Delicious Apples


Melon & Cherries

Mini Watermelons & Oranges


Cherries & Whole Oranges


Golden Delicious Apples & Walnuts

Not that I have a real need for fruit shaped soap in my life — does anyone?  I will still give this joint credit for creativity.  The soaps are displayed to look like a mini fruit farmer’s market.  Everything looks pretty in little baskets, and you can buy pieces individually or in baskets.

Fruitful Soap Garden Pricing

One piece of soap will set you back $3.99, or you can save a bit and purchase 3 pieces for $9.99.  Really dying to scrub down with a full on fruit salad? You can purchase 6 pieces for $18.99 or 10 for $26.99.  With those numbers you might want to consider purchasing a basket to put your clean treats in; you can do so for and extra $2.50.

A Wrapped Up Fruit Basket Ready to Go

I did spend some time sniffing around, and I am sad to report that the soaps do not have individual fruit scents.  They sort of all smelled the same: a bland glycerin soap type smell.  This, I think, is a deal breaker.  If I’m going to bathe with my favorite fruits, I want to smell like them.  Fresh apple, sweet strawberry, watermelon, or peach would be fantastic.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

"Fruit" Gift Basket

The cart does look cute as you pass by, but I have a feeling that The Fruitful Soap Garden might rot before its time. Thoughts?

(Note from AJ: Dear Disney, please stop selling things that are shaped like things I want to eat but are not things I want to eat. It’s confusing and depressing. Thank you.)


  1. Catherine says

    Wow, they look so real !! Wondering how it would work to soap yourself up with a bunch of grapes. Hahahahahahaha

  2. says

    I thought it is real but when I look at it again lol …I was wondering why the watermelon looks like that =) I like the pictures.

  3. Mr. Clean says

    I too am sorry to learn that the soaps are not scented, but they are nonetheless very beautiful, amazingly realistic, and, most of all, great fun. I’d love to have a fruit bowl of them sitting in the bathroom to astonish and amuse.

  4. Kristina says

    I agree, if it doesn’t smell like the fruit then it’s just not worth the money. and AJ, be glad they aren’t cupcake shaped soaped that would be just plain cruel :)

  5. says

    I’m impressed by the realism of most of the fruits. I agree that unless they smell like the fruit they’re shaped like or at least have a generic fruity scent, they’re not worth it. I’d rather buy the H2O products or go to Basin.

  6. Megan says

    I know my daughter (5 yrs) would love these! (Wouldn’t buy them because they cost too much, but what fun for kids!) Personally glad they’re not scented because we don’t need those chemicals :-)

  7. Judy says

    My kitchen has apple decor and my bathroom strawberry so this would actually be great for our home:-)

  8. vanessa says

    I love Basin but they don’t last very long. One good sized bar lasts me 4 to 5 days only. =/ Same thing with lush. Did they have an ingredient list on what they’re made of? I rather stick with etsy stuff and basin too. Man there was this etsy shop that would make her soap out of tea and goat milk and as much natural ingredients as possible. THEY SMELLED AMAZING and felt good on the skin. She sadly hasn’t made any soaps for a long time. http://www.etsy.com/shop/heartanddart

    I wonder if these are local or shipped from overseas.

  9. Galloping Gourmand says

    I love fake food almost as much as I love real food. These look great but I have third or fourth what everyone says. Would it have been so hard to add some scent?

  10. Alan says

    I have enough trouble holding on to a bar of soap in the shower. Imagine showering with a slice of watermelon or those grapes!

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