Disney World’s New Burger Cupcake!

A new “burger” can be found at Disney World’s Main Street Bakery! That’s right — the bakery!

Except this isn’t a savory burger — it’s a sweet one! Check out this v. interesting burger cupcake and cookie fries duo, nestled adorably in a Disney World take-out container:

Yep -- it's a cupcake

According to my anonymous photo donor, the burger buns are cake, the burger “meat” is brownie, and the condiments are frosting! The french fries are made of cookies with a bit of cinnamon/sugar sprinkled on top.

Brownie Burger

sugar fries

In the Ace of Cakes era, I get what Disney is trying to do here with snacks that look like other foods. But the same thing is happening at my local grocery store. I wonder if this is the right route for the Mouse.

Brownie Cupcake Burger Cross Section

What do you think? Yay or Nay? Let us know in the comments section below!!

Thanks again to our photographer!


  1. says

    Eh. Like you said, it just doesn’t seem to “Disney” to me! I want to get something Mickey or more “Disney” when I’m there!

  2. Meg says

    While it doesn’t say Disney to me, I love it! They should be making the burger Mickey shaped at the very least!

  3. Shayne says

    I’m not sure my brain could process the incongruous look and taste. I’d be expecting burger and getting super sweet instead. Not sure I’d enjoy this, but it’s cute to look at!

  4. gaylin says

    Love love love this! And with having food allergies, I will never get to eat one! Boo hoo!

  5. says

    As someone who is mostly a vegetarian, this does not look appealing at all. It’s too bad, cause I love brownies and other sweets.

  6. Sheena says

    Oh I love this! In my new Food Network magazine they have the burger cake recipe – and I told my husband I wanted one, lol! He was worried he would have to figure out how to make it for me, but now I can just get this!

  7. laurie says

    i love this idea – will def look for it during my september visit….while its not very mickey mouse ish…its certainly a fun idea

  8. Galloping Gourmand says

    My first thought was, “has anyone considered deep frying this?”. Then I read that it was not really a hamburger with a cupcake bun. So I thought “huh. Disappointing. I wonder if anyone has thought of making a real one and deep frying it.” It seems like ther perfect TX or OK fair food.

  9. says

    I feel like I’m the minority here, but I love it! I will be trying one in September for sure. I love the playfulness of it. And that’s what Disney is about–being playful (no matter how old you are!)

  10. Alan says

    My first though is “Oh clever”. But on second thought ” Why is this clever?”

  11. says

    I love it! Wish I was at Disney now! I wish you had a book of just the cupcake pictures on your blog, I could look at them all day!

  12. vanessa says

    Yeah…..no…no…just a big no for Disney. I know the cupcake fans are going to hate me for this, but I seriously think they’re just over doing it now. Eh. As for the cupcakes themselves, I’ll be trying only two of them this July. The elephant one from AK and the carrot cake from Fort Wilderness.

  13. Janna says

    Both of my boys think this is a fabulous idea. I think it’s cute but I don’t see consuming a cupcake, brownie, and cookies all at one time!

  14. says

    To me, it all comes down to taste…and I’m certainly willing to give it a try. But my first response was “meh.” This seems a little past the due date for the coolness curve.

  15. emily ebstein says

    If we get a thumbs up on the taste, I will TOTALLY have one if they still have them in October!

    Did the anonymous photo contributor give a review as well??

  16. says

    Emily — He said “not especially great.” ;-) That’s been my experience with Main St. Bakery cupcakes, too.

  17. says

    I think the burger is adorable! I don’t see why it would be a bad move for Disney to take, as long as it tastes good. However, maybe more Disney-esque “themed cupcakes” should be thought of as well as or instead of common fast food items? I’d be more concerned with the quality being “not especially great” than the cute appearance, honestly. I know Disney can make amazing baked goods (they made my wedding cake, after all!), so hearing that the cupcakes at Main St. Bakery are only mediocre is a bit of a disappointment to me.

  18. Theresa says

    most definitely yes. I love it. It’s creative and fun and I most certainly will be stopping in for it soon. Thanks for telling us about it!

  19. Raphael says

    There is a long culinary tradition of using artifice to make foods look like something other than what they really are (one thinks of the Buddhist tradition in the East of creating vegetarian dishes that look like meat). For me this is not really about taste, but about sight. Remember that, though taste is obviously central to the enjoyment of any food experience, sight also has an important part to play. I doubt I would approach these little masterpieces with the expectation that I was going to have a great taste experience (though I wouldn’t mind being pleasantly surprised). They are clearly meant to demonstrate craftsmanship and artistry of a different sort, and that, based on the photographs, they do with enormous success. They are the sort of thing one comes upon unexpectedly and that elicits a light-hearted response of “Oh wow! Isn’t that astonishing!” Though a delicious cupcake is important to me (and to civilization), I could set aside my taste expectations in this instance and let one of my other senses (the eyes) take the lead. An unexpected delight is always welcome in whatever form it takes.

  20. Jill says

    it is on the top of my cupcake list!! I think it looks adorable, i was for sure it was out of disneyland, but it is ours! so excited!

  21. Christa says

    Nay. I have never been a fan of foods that look like other foods (like those gummy burger candies).

  22. Emma Godbold says

    Really reminds me of the burger, fries, and pizza gummie sweets…which I think are soo cute…and think this is adorable too! It probably is more for the look than the taste but when on vacation who doesn’t want a bit of silliness to put a smile on your face ;)

  23. says

    This is on my list of thing to try this August! I hope it tastes as awesome as it looks. For those who think it isn’t “Disney” enough, would you ask the folks at Le Cellier to cut your steak into mouse ears? Um, no. There has to be something at the park that doesn’t have Mickey stickers all over it. This will be a fun addition to the Main Street Bakery’s menu.

  24. says

    As cool as this looks and as excited as I am to get to Magic Kingdom to try it… I agree with the people who say no. It doesn’t seem very Disney to me either.

  25. Laura B. says

    I would definitely give it a try. Could it qualify for a snack credit? That might push my vote one way or the other.

  26. Megan says

    While I think the thought of looking at a burger and eating cake is weird, I love the thought of a brownie and cake dessert. I might me trying this one. Wonder what the cost is.

  27. Tracy says

    Wow!! I just made these about a month ago for my son’s field day at school after seeing them on a website. The kids (and parents) loved them….I’m not sure who came up with the idea but THEY should definately get the credit for them

  28. says

    I would definitely try it! Looks cute! And while it doesn’t scream Disney, I’m GLAD it doesn’t. I’m a huge Disney fan but I do NOT need all my food to be in the shape of a mouse. :)

  29. Lizz says

    I think it’s adorable!

    As a kid I had a McDonalds play kit (oh yes, and we wonder why Americans are obese!) where you made “burgers.” This reminds me of that kit! The buns were vanilla wafers, the burger was a mixture of peanut butter, chocolate and rice krispies, and the condiments were made from fruit roll-ups!

  30. Elizabeth says

    My sister and I split this treat at the Magic Kingdom this past weekend and it was pretty good. I actually liked the cookie “fries” better than the cupcake and brownie “burger”. The burger was more cute than it was tasty. It wasn’t bad, but it was mostly just SWEET!

  31. Lottie says

    This is no longer available. We were there, yesterday. Cast members said it was only available for Father’s Day. Bummer!

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