Guest Review: Palo Brunch on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Welcome guest author Vikki Hurley-Schubert with a review of brunch at Palo on the Disney Wonder (Alaska Style)!

Vikki and her husband with friends!

Brunch at Palo is a must-do for us when onboard any one of the Disney Cruise Line ships. So, we were excited for our brunch while aboard the inaugural Alaskan cruise earlier this month and delighted in every morsel we tasted.

The highlight of the meal for me was the strawberry soup – I must confess, I did have two – one during brunch and one for dessert! It was a fragrant, rich, bright strawberry flavor and a rich magenta color with a minty background. It wasn’t too creamy or watery either – it tasted like fresh picked strawberries!

Strawberry Soup

Before our entrees arrived, we hit the tables of seafood, cheeses and fruit. The shrimp were cooked perfectly as were the crab legs. My husband loved the salmon, salmon mousse and cheeses. The asparagus wrapped in prosciutto were my favorite, but could have used more Hollandaise sauce for my liking. I also enjoyed the mozzarella, tomato and basil tray and the prosciutto.

Seafood Table

The goat cheese and sundried tomato pizza was a hit at our table, with its thin crispy crust and flavorful sauce. The guys enjoyed the hot sausage pizza, which they declared “spicy.” Chef wasn’t kidding when he said hot!

I must admit, the pizza didn’t live up to my hopes since the last time I was at Palo when I had a sweet pizza made with raspberry sauce that was topped with mango shavings, blueberries and Marscapone cheese (see below). I was sad not to see that one this trip. There was a grape and Gargonzola offering, but that would have been cheating on my favorite.


The entrees were prepared perfectly, with my husband enjoying his Eggs Julia, made with smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce. I had the veal saltimbucca, which was rich and flavorful. It could have been even better if there was a starch on the plate to absorb the delicious sauce.

Our friends enjoyed their chicken Parmesan, which they always order when at brunch. It was served over risotto, which was so good my husband ordered a bowl of it.

The dessert table was divine, with tiramisu, panacotta with mango and fruit compote with white chocolate mousse. And the second helping of strawberry soup followed by a chocolate-covered strawberry.


Thanks again, Vikki!

Have you had brunch at Palo? What are your favorite items?


  1. says

    If I ever can justify spending the money for a Disney Cruise (over another Cruiseline) I would definitely sign up for the Palo brunch, it looks fantastic!

  2. says

    Getting Palo brunch on the Disney Dream is a major priority for me when I board the ship in August, since I couldn’t get a reservation online. I’ve heard it is absolutely amazing!

  3. kirsten says

    The brunch at Palo is my favorite meal on the disney cruise! The cruise is worth the money I have been on 4 different cruiselines and disney hands down is the best!

  4. Vikki says

    I did a little “iron chef” action in the kitchen recently and figured out how to make the raspberry-blueberry-mango-marscapone pizza–on the grill!!! So excited!

  5. Dean says

    How long did the Palo brunch take? I mean it’s scheduled to take 2 hours (pretty standard for a relaxing meal). However, is there the option to speed things up, or is it at their pace?

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