Dining in Disneyland: First Look — Bayside Brews

Dining in Disneyland columnist Heather Sievers snuck in a quick trip to the brand new Bayside Brews in Disney California Adventure before leaving for her Disney cruise! Thanks, Heather!

If you are looking for beer other than Peroni or Bud Light, which you can get at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, check out the new Bayside Brews stand!

Bayside Brews

Bayside Brews

It’s directly in front of the new restaurants at Paradise Pier and features 6 different beers as well as a variety of pretzels. If you haven’t had a cream cheese filled pretzel yet, put it on your “to do” list now.  Sprinkled with sugar, the soft sweet dough of this yummy treat is filled with cream cheese filling.  Not the “bagel” type cream cheese, more like the Danish type.  Amazing.

Bayside Brews Beer Menu

Bayside Brews Pretzel Menu

Bayside Brews Pretzels & Pretzel Oven

Cream Cheese Filled Pretzel

Mickey Pretzel



  1. Pudge the Fish says

    I’m looking forward to checking out the new Bayside Brews and Boardwalk Pizza upon my arrival this weekend. Being an East Coast guy I am not familiar with Karl Strauss but I may need to order one to go with my corn dog!

  2. Ken Goyette says

    Really? That’s the list!? Karl Strauss is good, but the rest is a huge let down. I mean you are in Southern California, and you have no Stone? No Ballast, or no SD brewers at all? I mean it’s a step in the right direction, but I really think they could have tried a lot harder…

  3. says

    Nice article…definitely putting that on the list of places to snack at for our upcoming trip (T-minus 2 weeks and counting!). Thanks!!

  4. Anderson says

    I miss the apple filled pretzels that they had at Disneyland. What happened to them?!

  5. Christal says

    I just found this blog and am IN LOVE!!!! We go to Disneyland all the time and each vist we try to hit at least 2 new food stops. We go again in Aug and Im so excited for some new food places.

  6. says

    Pudge! Can’t wait to hear about your disneyland trip!

    Ken — That seems to be the general consensus when it comes to Disney and craft beers. They’re getting better, though, so hopefully we’ll continue to see increased variety!

    Mush — I thank you on behalf of Heather, Mush! (She’s probably on an airplane to Barcelona now!) Where else are you going in Disneyland? (I’m sorry I’ll miss you — going a few weeks later!)

    Anderson — Wha?! Apple!! Yum!

    Christal — So glad you’ve found us!!

  7. Jeff says

    Regarding Ken’s complaints:

    It doesn’t matter what beer selections they put in Bayside Brews, somebody was gonna complain no matter what, because tastes are different.

    And beer drinkers especially tend to get emotionally attached to particular brews. (for whatever reason)

    I think they’ve put together a nice little selection of choices. Good work DCA!

  8. Alan says

    I wouldn’t complain about the brands of beers, but I would complain about the flavor profiles. There is very little variety of taste in that selection. A place called Bayside Brews should have a few more taps and and more flavor choices.

  9. Jason says

    @Ken – “No SD brewers at all?” Did you miss Karl Strauss on the list?

    @Alan – You’re complaining about flavor profiles? They have a pale, an IPA, and a belgian white, not to mention whatever the rotating Strauss selection may be. I was actually pretty impressed to see more than just domestic big box brands. What do you want? – they’re mostly catering to tourists.

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