Guest Review: Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

We travel to the future with Guest Reviewer Bill Iadonisi in his review of the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant. Finding the restaurant actually open, Bill stopped in for a quick service bite to eat!

It’s been quite a while since I have dined at the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. One reason is that this counter-service eatery has for several years been opened seasonally; if the crowds at the Magic Kingdom swell, it will open to handle the overflow of hungry guests. But today, my friend John (Disney Food Blog readers know him as Chef BigFatPanda!) and I decided to have lunch and do a review.

Entrance walkway


When the Magic Kingdom first opened, this was known as the Plaza Pavilion, which served pizza and burgers. In 2004, it was closed for refurb and returned as the Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. For you history and trivia buffs, “Tomorrowland Terrace” was the name of the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant that once occupied the current Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café. In 1994 it closed and re-opened as Cosmic Rays for the New Tomorrowland renovation.


Welcome Sign

The menu has changed often here. The original dinner menu focused on Asian influenced dishes and offered items like the vegetable noodle bowl with Tofu, Beef and Broccoli with steamed rice; and lunch menu items which were more “Americanized, including burgers, chicken and wraps. A new menu is in effect now, offering Pasta Primavera and Pasta Alfredo, to which you can add shrimp or chicken. Several salads and even a lobster roll are also included on the menu. You can see that Disney is offering a greater selection of healthier items in its eateries.

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The restaurant is conveniently located between the Plaza Restaurant and Laugh Floor Comedy club on the side walkway to Tomorrowland. It’s called Tomorrowland “Terrace” for a good reason: the outdoor dining areas are on three tiered terraces. All have ample seating and since they are all covered against the sun and rain, dining is usually comfortable.

Upper dining area

Middle Dining Area

Second and Third Level

The walkway goes right through the restaurant, giving access from Main Street and Tomorrowland. The décor is futuristic in concept, with diamond overhead lights, stainless steel railings, and polished stainless steel plates on the walls of the upper dining area.

Futuristic decor

Wall Panels

Even the ordering kiosks are out-of-this-world looking.

Orderering Kiosks

But don’t expect any “luxury” seating. For the most part, it’s very spartan. Just plain round and rectangular tables with small, cushioned seats.

Lower dining area

Tomorrowland Terrace’s biggest draw are the views from the dining areas, especially the veranda tier on the lowest level. The view of Cinderella Castle is second to none, and it’s a coveted spot for viewing the fireworks at night.

In fact one of the Magic Kingdom’s most popular events; the “Wishes Dessert Party” (Nee, the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party) is held on the second and third tiers on most nights.

During the day, it’s a great place to have lunch or dinner and relax while taking in the views. But even the views cannot dim the noise level. Despite the large expansive area, there is nothing to absorb the sound. On busy days it makes conversation challenging and forget about making a cell call. You will have to find a quieter location.

Breathtaking view


I like the new menu at the Terrace. Although there was nothing wrong with the Asian themed fare, the new offerings — at least for me — stick closer to the ribs, so to speak.

The two previously mentioned pasta dishes, a 1/3 lb. Angus Bacon Cheeseburger ($8.79) and a Fried Chicken Sandwich ($8.79) with choice of apple slices or French fries, give the hungry guest a good choice. Less hungry? Order a Lobster Roll with homemade chips ($9.19) or one of two excellent salads, a Beef and Blue Cheese ($8.39) and a Citrus Shrimp with Mandarin orange dressing ($8.19). And what quick service menu would be complete without Chicken Breast Nuggets ($7.89) — choice again of apple slices or French Fries.

condiment station

For the kids, Chicken Nuggets, Macaroni and cheese, or Peanut Butter and Jelly is offered. All $4.99, they come with grapes, Dannon Danimals yogurt, and your choice of apple juice, 1% Mickey milk or small bottled water. The kids can also request applesauce, soft drink, French fries or a cookie.

For dessert, you can have yogurt ($1.99) or a choice of a Carrot Cake or Triple-Chocolate Cake ($3.59). Standard counter-service beverages are available…water, low-fat milk, chocolate milk, soda, coffee, juices (apple and orange), hot tea or cocoa and blackberry jasmine iced green tea.

John ordered the Chicken Sandwich. The bread was fresh and soft, the white-meat chicken cutlet was moist, and the breading just enough as not to overwhelm. The fries, well, they were standard fries. But the Triple-Chocolate Cake was rich and moist — a little on the sweet side, but it hit the spot.

Chicken Sandwich

I am a big fan of salads and no matter where on property I order them, they are always fresh, crisp and filling. The salads here do not disappoint. I had the Beef and Blue Cheese salad. This wonderful menu item came with crisp green apple slices, a generous helping of Blue Cheese (my favorite) and thin-sliced medallions of beef.

It was moist and tender, and full of flavor. My only complaint is that I like my beef medium, with a touch of red in the middle. This was done medium well, but I believe that all restaurants cook meat on the more “well” side. The salad will satisfy most appetites, but the bigger eater can always order something else.

Beef and Blue Cheese Salad


The restaurant, a staple since the beginning, has changed over the years but it still retains the appeal of great views and a convenient location, and of course tasty food. I think the new menu is going to be a hit with the guests, and if it stays open more often, I will just have to try the Citrus Shrimp Salad with the Mandarin dressing.

Thanks again, Bill! We’re looking forward to your upcoming Pepper Market review soon!

Have you ever eaten at the Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant? We’d love to hear your opinions in the comments section below!


  1. says

    We were there this past Sunday and it was packed. I wanted to try the pasta but I was afraid I would be disappointed with rubbery shrimp. We settled on burgers and chicken sandwiches. The burger was OK but a bit cold. The chicken was good, seemed the same as what is served at the Golden Oak stand in Frontierland, which is a fave. It was nice having a CM help us find a table, glad to be out of the sun even if it was a bit loud.

  2. Michael says

    Still confuses me with the large picture of pot stickers. No pot stickers to be found.

  3. Alan says

    Some dishes just don’t work in a fast food eatery but then the Puck Express places seem to have figured it out.

  4. says

    I’ve had the citrus shrimp salad at the Tomorrowland Terrace. It was delicious and refreshing. The shrimp were cooked nicely – not at all rubbery. Maybe with a more popular menu, this place will be open more frequently. Just about every time we try to go, it is closed.

  5. Elizabeth says

    Is that ketchup and mustard by your salad?

    That salad looks really good and a nice low glycemic combination of ingredients. Will have to try it.

  6. says

    I was with Bill and the beef looked weird to me too – I like it well done but sliced beef on salad is not my thing :)
    The chicken breast was very thin but tasty.

  7. says

    “I see fat people” LOL sorry, I had to put this joke in.
    The place looks neat and clean aaaand the fries look well done, which is too often not the case.

  8. Sandra says

    My first visit to WDW was only a year or two after it opened. We were penny-pinching as we had left the travelers checks mistakenly at home, and they didn’t take American Express, which was the only card we had with us. The cheapest meal here was the hot dog combo, which came with a floor show on a small, raised stage: Winnie-the-Pooh and Tiger dancing.

    Fast forward a few decades and we happily discovered the Asian food here. We enjoyed the vegetarian noodle bowl and the teriyaki chicken bowl, plus they had mac and cheese for kids. We have often moaned about the loss of this dining option and wish they would bring it back as it was a great change from burgers, burgers, burgers (especially hard when you’re a veg).

    Our most recent experience was for the dessert party, which was very nice, but we still wonder why they don’t make better use of this space for breakfast, for example. The Main Street Bakery is so crowded in the morning! A few muffin and coffee carts would be great.

  9. Bill Iadonisi says

    Again, thank you all for your comments. I agree with Kelly, I like my beef medium (Maybe not Mooing!), but with red in the middle. But don’t be fooled by looks, the meat was very tasty. There are no icons for DDP, possibly because the restaurant is only opened sporadically. But I will inquire about this and report back. For Elizabeth, that is mustard and BBQ sauce, I brought it for John! I have had the shrimp before and have never been dissapointed, but sometimes food in counter-service is sometimes hit or miss, even in the best of eateries. The pic of the pot stickers is old, I assume Disney never replaced it yet. I agree with Sandra that it would make another great breakfast spot, but since it is not opened on a regular basis, Disney figures the logistics of changing over from breakfast and lunch, back and forth is not worth it. I will again look into this suggestion. See you all
    with the next review!

  10. Sonja says

    We were at Disney last week (wish we were still there) and ate here using the dining plan. My dad really liked the lobster roll. The burger was standard fare. After these reviews, I will be ordering the shrimp salad next time. Also, there was a CM with hula hoops to keep the kids occupied while we ordered.

  11. says

    A lobster roll at a Disney quick service restaurant?? Now I’ve got to try the Terrace again. Unfortunately, I try to go to the parks when it isn’t too busy so the Terrace isn’t usually open :(

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