New Soundsational Cupcake in Disneyland

The new Soundsational Parade has debuted in Disneyland and there’s a specialty cupcake to commemorate it!

The cupcake has marbled vanilla cake (yellow, blue, and red) with marbled pineapple raspberry frosting. The whole thing is covered in a light dusting of edible glitter and topped off with a white chocolate Soundsational Mickey icon.

The folks at Magical Days With Mouse found this one at Blue Ribbon Bakery and had positive reviews!

Soundsational Cupcake in Disneyland

[I’m] not normally a fan of fruity cupcakes, but I thought this one was good (so did my husband). Inside is rainbow marble and the frosting has edible glitter on it. The cake itself is vanilla, and the frosting is a pineapple raspberry flavor, which sounds weird but tastes good. I actually went back and got another. My husband liked it too. Don’t forget your passholder discount!

Soundsational Cupcake Collage

Apparently edible glitter is the latest and greatest at Disneyland! They’ve put it on the new Hungry Bear cupcake as well!

If you’ve sampled the Soundsational Cupcake, let us know what you think!


  1. says

    slightly sad that the cupcake doesn’t make sound since its soundsational, but then again, i suppose were all making the sound of “ooommmnomnomnom!!!” when we eat it :D

  2. says

    I think the trip to the bathroom I take after eating this thing might be “soundsational.” (Sorry – doesn’t sound good to me!)

  3. Diane says

    Strange description on the sign. “Pineapple, Raspberry and Blue Vanilla Cupcake.” Since when did “Blue” become a flavor? Or is it “Blue Vanilla,” which is just as strange? Hmm.

  4. says

    I am STILL laughing at Nate’s comment….thinking back to the days when my boys were little and ate tons of Froot Loops…;)

  5. Janet says

    Our group was lucky enough to get a tasty preview of these cupcakes in June. We all loved them. My only complaint is too much frosting, but for some people – there’s never too much.

    We’d heard they would be at Plaza Inn also, but when we went looking last week, they weren’t there. They still had the Red Velvet ones, so I guess next time we’ll check the bakery.

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