“Learning to Cook” on Disneyland’s Main Street

Last year I was enchanted by this Disneyland Main Street window vignette of Ratatouille, and I just came across some pictures that I wanted to share with you.

I’ve always been a fan of miniatures, and seeing teeny-tiny, intricately detailed replicas of regular kitchen items in this vignette had me staring for at least 30 minutes at the scene trying to take it all in.

Linguini and Remy spiral around the kitchen

A little, bitty Remy is sitting on Linguini’s head in this shot, and (I wish I’d taken video for you!) Linguini is spinning around wildly throughout the scene.

Linguini and Remy

Zooming in on the kitchen island, you can see all of the groceries, pots, pans, and utensils ready for a cooking lesson. There’s even a tiny, little hot plate!

Kitchen Island Close Up

And these groceries look almost as real as the ones I bring home from the store. I really like the detailed floor tiles in the background.

Grocery Bags

The post-it notes on the fridge list names, numbers, and pizza delivery!

Post-It Notes on Fridge

And the storage area toward the back of the scene shows off tiny little cleaning products, a kitchen timer, a house-plant, a melted-down candle, and canned goods.

Storage Area in Back of Kitchen

But my favorite part of the scene is the bottle of Lasseter wine sitting on top of the fridge… . Sadly, I don’t speak French or I’d be able to make out the words on the cereal boxes!

Boxes of food and a bottle of Lasseter wine

Not a typical post for me here at DFB, but something I found utterly interesting and wanted to share. :-) Looking forward to seeing more vignettes like this in Disneyland in just a few weeks!


  1. Andy says

    The box on the left says:

    Covered in sugar


    Proof of purchase

    *Different ways to serve your cereal:

    *Serve DITTZ in a bowl mixed with milk or with fresh fruits or [can’t read it but I assume it’s something like “separate” or “serve”] these ingredients in different bowls.

    *Mix a soup-spoonful of marmalade and a cup of milk and cover your DITTZ with this.

    [The three starred lines are repeated.]

    More fun in each box.

    [The three starred lines are repeated again.]


    I can’t read the small text the top of the other box but the bottom says the exact same things as the Dittz box with a different brand name.

  2. vanessa Gordon says

    I absolutely LOVE all the details Disney puts into everything…..And Yes this is about Disney Food-just it’s not the edible kind ! Hope you are having a Magical Day !

  3. Janna says

    What a fun post! I am fascinated by all things miniature, too…especially Disney miniatures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. John B says

    I LOVE all the Disney window displays. It’s a shame more people don’t pay attention because there’s so much to look at. They also change them often enough to keep things interesting (for example, for Xmas and Halloween).

  5. says

    Janna — Thanks for reading! Hope I get to meet you someday, my friend!

    Vanessa — I am! Hope you are, too!

    Andy — Awesome!! Thank you!

    John B — Agreed. It’s such a blessing to be able to loiter and stare at Disney details as much as I do!

  6. marcellina says

    I love those window displays too and could spend a ton of time just looking at them… I honestly wish I could take a trip to Disney alone sometime so I could do things like that and take my time and not bug my family. Great post!

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