The Great “Duffy Head Cup” Poll

Our fearless Disney Food for Families columnist, Erin Foster, has uncovered an entirely new way to eat ice cream in Epcot. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

Slowly but surely, Duffy the Disney bear is creeping into every corner of Epcot.

Duffy, ready to welcome you to Epcot.

On a recent trip, I found Duffy-shaped souvenir mugs available with the purchase of an ice cream at the two kiosks nearest the entrance to World Showcase. Not coincidentally, these are also the food service locations closest to the Duffy meet-and-greet area.

Refreshment Port, where cups are available. Near the entrance to World Showcase from Future World.

Ordering window

The offer is $8.69…plus tax…for ice cream and a duffy head.

The offer

The Duffy cup

What do you think? Would you eat ice cream out of a Duffy head? I think we need to take a vote…

Would You Pay Extra to Eat Ice Cream Out of a Duffy Head?

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  1. says

    No. I think Duffy is odd and inexplicable enough, eating ice cream out of his head is REALLY not appealing to me! I don’t get him at all, to be honest.

  2. Teresa says

    Where did Duffy come from? Is he from a Disney movie or show that I’m not aware of? Does not seem like a “typical” Disney character. Maybe this is why Disney is trying to promote him so hard with a Duffy ice cream head? Winnie the Pooh certainly holds the cute bear market here!

  3. says

    I think Disney needs to do some more work developing a backstory for the Duff-ster. He’s cute (in a build a bear sort of way) but he needs work!

  4. says

    I have a Disney bear from when it was first released back in 2003. I find Duffy to be super creepy. And this takes that to a new level.

  5. John B says

    Does anyone know anything about that cup in the last picture, the one with Goofy looking at WS? I’ve never seen it before. Is it exclusive to this Duffy cup (I hope not), or is it a standard plastic cup in WS? I’d love to buy one next time I’m there.

  6. says

    I spotted these about a month ago at Coolpost. It would be weird to eat out of his head, but I suppose I could just pretend it’s the monkey head scene from Temple of Doom…

    John B – That item with Goofy on it is an Epcot Souvenir Popcorn Bucket, which costs about $4.75. It has a bunch of characters watching the fireworks around World Showcase.

  7. says

    Sara, Teresa, Beth — While I do think he’s cute, I wish there was more of a backstory. Disney has so many great characters from the films and TV shows; not sure why we needed to invent a new one with a flimsy “Minnie made him for Mickey” backstory.

    Canadians — Who is Duffy. Excellent Question.

    Kelly — Is your “early Duffy” worth anything on ebay, I wonder? What was it like in that board meeting — “We invented this strange bear in 2002…and he didn’t really work out very well…but we should probably bring him back in 2010…yeah, that’s the ticket!”

    John B — Most of the WDW parks have park-specific “souvenir” containers for drinks and popcorn that will cost a little bit more than the regular container. Sadly, you can’t get them refilled.

    Sarah — Thanks for the info!

  8. says

    I find the idea of eating Duffy’s ice cream brains to be a little creepy. Though my daughter seems to think it is the best idea ever and she wants one now…
    Of course she’s five and probably doesn’t make the zombie connection. Also oddly enough when she first saw the bear and the walk around character, she said big Duffy was creepy. In fact she called him “Mr Creepy” but still wanted the stuffed little one. Though when she saw Duffy in person she fell in love. I have to admit thought he is less creepy in person.

    I also remember the “My first Disney bear” and I wasn’t such a big fan of that bear. Though we did love the clothes that had for that bear, they fit my daughter’s favorite bear. I wish they’d still make the little bear size clothes.

  9. Kylie says

    My family actually has an inside joke about Duffy, and how we had no idea who he was.
    I still don’t really unerstand him, and what makes him the Disney bear? Where did he come from?!?!?!

  10. says

    While in the minority, I know our three-year old would love to eat ice cream out an over-priced Duffy cup. So yeah, we’ll buy it! A father is helpless to say no!

  11. Melinda says

    WOW, I can’t believe how many people don’t know Duffy. He is (correct me if I am wrong) an original creation from Disney Tokyo. The back story is Mickey was taking a trip around the world and Minnie didn’t want him to be lonley so she made him this little bear. Now Tokyo is a very different Disney park. It is actually a Franchise!

    Yes I would soooo buy this. A little spendy for what it is but my daughter would flip over it and love to use it at home. She is only 2 but she’s a huge Duffy fan. She sleeps with her Duffy and drags him everywhere. When she met Duffy a couple months ago I had to pull her off of him! He is second only to Mickey in her world! So I’d be looking at this as a gift and a snack to justify the price. Eating his brains is somewhat odd but the older boys have already got her walking around like a zombie so it’s not going to stop us!

  12. Sarah (@Duchess_99) says

    Creepy…you shouldn’t eat out of anything’s head. Reminds me of the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when they’re eating the monkey brains…gross!

  13. Mommy says

    I am a HUGE FAN of Duffy!!!!!! I’m totally addicted to the little fella. However, this ice cream dish is kinda creepy. ………. sorry………… (I agree with Sarah and the Indiana Jones monkey brains……… ditto – this is gross!)

  14. says

    So cute! I would eat ice cream Duffy Brains so I could have the cup. At home I’d probably keep change in it though. As a life long teddy bear fan, I love Duffy. :-)

  15. John B says

    Thanks Sarah and AJ! Next time I’m in the parks I’ll have to pay closer attention to these cups and popcorn buckets. I just assumed that stuff came in a paper bag.

  16. Galloping Gourmand says

    Any time you have to remove the top of the head of a character, or stick a straw in a character’s head, to be able to eat I get a little creeped out.

    As far as the Duffy phenomenon goes, I think Disney really needed a teddy bear that wasn’t Winnie the Pooh so I’m a pro-Duffy guy. Full disclosure – my cat’s name is Duffy, but he got the name before the bear reached these shores.

  17. says

    Aww, I think I’m in the minority here, but I really like Duffy. In fact, I think a Duffy bear was one of the first toys we bought for our son, because they’re just too cute to resist.

    I’m a little iffy about the whole eating out of the character’s head, though. Wonder why they didn’t just do a nice container with Duffy on it. Seems like that would have been just as cute with less of a creepy factor. Oh well!

  18. Andrew says

    How can you not love Duffy? His face is a Hidden Mickey!

    I don’t get why people think every character has to be from a movie. Disney has made some pretty bad movies over the years. Would you rather have a plush Abby Mallard from Chicken Little, or a cute, original Disney Bear like Duffy?

  19. Kelly says

    Duffy is actually INSANELY popular in Japan. Crazy fans go to Disneyland Tokyo just to buy a Duffy bear, LITERALLY.

  20. Elizabeth says

    I always thought Duffy was a little odd…until I had my picture taken with him at EPCOT. He was sooooo cute and sooooo interactive that I had to stop myself from buying a plush!

    I totally love him now, but in my efforts to declutter my life (and house) I would probably pass on the ice cream cup.

    And agree with Andrew about the cute hidden Mickey in his face! I mean we love Mickey’s dog…why can’t we love his teddy bear! ;-)

  21. says

    I say the more Duffy merchandise, the better. But then, my last name is Duffy so I may be a tiny bit biased! :-)

  22. Allie B.C. says

    I always thought the Duffy character and the My First Disney Bear thing was created to tie in the old Teddy Bear and Doll convention thing Disney used to do. I don’t know if they still do them, I doubt it.

    But eating out of any character’s head seems…weird. Maybe little boys might be into it and Disney has seemed to be trying to pander more towards the boy demographic lately, concerning merchandise at least.

  23. Jeanine says

    They actually gave us one of these (but with cookie brains) at the recent Disneyana convention. The merchandise department seemed very proud of the fact that at the top of his hat is a slot, so he can be used as a bank after you finish consuming him.

  24. Nikolee says

    I don’t think that’s a good idea…. You’re eating Duffy’s brain! (Well stuffing) That’s not really cool…

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