Dining in Disneyland: New Belle Caramel Apples

A brand new caramel apple has debuted in Disneyland, and our Dining in Disneyland columnist, Heather Sievers, has the details!

Went on a little dinner/movie outing to Downtown Disney last night and had to stop by Marceline’s for a quick inventory check and a caramel apple to go. We went for the standard “Minnie” apple, but upon check-out I noticed these adorable new “Belle” caramel apples.

$14.95 Each, Wow.

At $14.95 a pop, I was not willing to take one for the team. I did however ask the cast member to take an up close shot to share here on the blog. The cast member also told me that yesterday was the very first day they were being offered. So ladies and gentlemen, I give you the brand new Belle Caramel Apple.

Belle Caramel Apple

Are you willing to fork over $14.95?


  1. says

    That is so adorable! I wonder if they’re going to start making more princess apples? A Snow White apple would be fantastically ironic.

  2. Melinda says

    Being A: a carmel apple nut and B: a Belle freak this has my name written all over it!! A $15 apple is a lot be we are talking about being at Disney, everything is a pretty penny! To get this I may forgo something else in order to balance out the over all budget.

  3. says

    $14.95?! Not even in the name of research. I could see it as part of a gift for a little princess, but as a casual park-goer, I would rather spend the money elsewhere. Otherwise, it’s an adorable design. If they get more princess designs/color schemes, they could cross-market with Bibbidi-Bobbidy-Boutique.

  4. Christal says

    LOVE IT!!! I love the apples Disney does but for $15 not worth it. I have had the world of color one before and all the sugar sprinkels that its covered in really doest tast very good. The Belle one is SUPER cute but all the sprinkels will taste nasty and that taste isnt $15 worth. Now if it was Yellow colored White chocolate with a little amount of sprinkels just to make it look girly and princess-ie I would be all over it even at $15 a pop.

  5. Cherry says

    It’s really cute but I’d have to agree that $14.95 is a bit much even for Disney. Would rather spend it on something else. :-)

  6. Gaylin says

    At $15, I would rather buy a Belle pin to keep forever and 2 caramel treats at Karamel Kuche!

  7. says

    I struggled with a $9.95 one last time, but it was on my “Must Try a Mickey Caramel Apple Once!” list.

    I don’t think I’d do it again, and for sure would not fork over $14.95.

  8. Corrie says

    I love carmel apples and seeing as how my sister is the biggest princess fan, belle being one of her favorites I would spend the 15 for one of these to share.

  9. yensidfan says

    $14.95 may be a lot for one person to spend on a “snack” at Disney but I would never be able to eat this whole treat by myself anyway. If shared with my family it would break down to less than $5 a person. That’s how I would justify purchasing one. Plus the photos would be a fun memory!

  10. says

    Those are freakin adorable! I wouldn’t pay $15 for it, but kudos to the pastry chef for coming up with one of the cutest apple designs!

  11. Samantha says

    Absolutely without hesitation I would pay for the apple and I will deff. B getting one if they have it when I go in October I fork over the money for the japple ” jack skellington” one!!! Plus everything in Disneyland is expensive … Lol I do hope they make more princess ones they will certainly profit from it

  12. Lynne says

    Totally worth the price!! Even a day later, the apple was fresh and the sugary outside was yummmalicious!

  13. Starfish says

    I LOVE it too (Belle is my favorite) but I agree with Christal. All Disney apples covered in sugar are beautiful but they do NOT taste that good (messy too). I’m as girly as you get and love sprinkles and colored sugar but my opinion is colored sugar belongs on sugar cookies. Just a light dusting of the sugar for “sparkle” is all that is needed. Even yellow sprinkles (jimmies) would taste better but the elegant look would be lost. $15 for a caramel apple is a lot, even for Disney. I read somewhere that they don’t/won’t cut them for you any longer, that’s ridiculous, especially considering the price you pay and also sad for anyone wanting to dive into it right away or with braces!

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