Disney Food Blog D23 Expo Meet-Up

As we pack for the D23 Expo, we want to extend an invite to Disney Food Blog readers for an informal get-together in Disneyland!

Since the food options at the Expo might not be the greatest, we’ve decided to hang out at Trader Sam’s in Disneyland Hotel from 2:30-3:30pm on Saturday August 20, 2011!

Entrance to Trader Sam's

While Food and Beverage is at your own expense, the options here and over at the new Tangaroa Terrace should be fun and interesting to sample. Plus we know the Trader Sam’s drinks are good! ;-)

For food, friends, and fun, join us at Trader Sam’s on Saturday, August 20th, at 2:30pm! We’re looking forward to meeting you! You can RSVP over on facebook here.


  1. says

    Man, everybody is meeting up at Trader Sam’s! Going to be a popular spot.

    At least yours is during the day. Does Trader Sam’s have a 21 and over only policy at any time? I head that this is true for the inside of the bar, but how about outside of it?

  2. Keith C (TheFugitiveGuy) says

    I had a great lunch inside Trader Sams during the day with DD6 and DD8 without any problems. I even asked the waitress, and she said that pretty much kids are allowed inside until nighttime (like 9pm). It would probably be too crowded at night to comfortably bring kids anyway. But during the day, it was pretty quiet inside, so we had a nice meal and no awkwardness. And of course I just “had to” buy a specialty drink to show the kids the cool theming effects ;)

    I also had apps at night on the patio, with the tiki lights and live music, and again with my daughters without any problems. The thing to realize about the outside space is that it’s right next to the counter service place, and a nice outdoor fireplace area, and of course the new monorail slides, so there’s plenty of public space around for kids or under-21.

  3. says

    aww boo! I’m going to be at the pixar storytellers event at that time!! I’m sure ill get to see you at the expo though :) if you see a chubby girl on a scooter that’s me! :)

  4. Keith C (TheFugitiveGuy) says

    Hi AJ,

    I guess I’m a sucker for souvenirs, because I ended up getting (on different visits) both the The Krakatoa Punch and the Hippopotomai-Tai that came in different take-home glasses. Along with the tiki glass souvenir, Krakatoa Punch also includes an interactive display in the bar, so you get two cool things for ordering that one drink :) The other interactive drink we saw was the Shipwreck on the Rocks, so maybe you should get one of those too!

  5. Chris says

    To add to Keith’s suggestions, I think there’s a bit of shtick to go with the Mosquito Mojito as well. I did get a Krakatoa Punch for the glass but it was too sugary for my taste – you can also swap your souvenir glass for a wrapped clean one.

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