Carthay Circle Restaurant and More Food News From D23 Expo

Some exciting (and, unfortunately, vague) news came out of the D23 Expo Disney Parks and Resorts event today! Here’s what we heard about food and restaurants:

Carthay Circle Restaurant
As we reported back in 2009, the Carthay Circle Theater replica, which will soon take center stage in Disney California Adventure, will house an exclusive restaurant. Acclaimed Napa Rose Chef Andrew Sutton is in charge of menu development for this new dining spot, and we expect it to be extremely high end.

Carthay Circle Theater Will House a New Restaurant

Possible Club 33 Program Extension
In fact, in that long-ago reporting, we mentioned that Disneyland was looking to extend its exclusive Club 33 membership program and that the Carthay Circle Restaurant could be a new exclusive club option (“The Carthay Circle Club”, or Triple C). Today, Disney execs again mentioned a teaser about extending the Club 33 program in some form, but no mention was made about whether or not the Carthay Circle Restaurant would be included in that effort.

We’ll have to wait until 2012 for more details about the Club 33 extension.

Club 33 Exterior Door

Possible Haunted Mansion “Dine With An Imagineer” Dinner
While this was just a teaser and may or may not turn into anything concrete, Disney execs did ask the audience at today’s event to “imagine if” there were more exclusive dining experiences available to guests, such as “dining in the Haunted Mansion with Disney Imagineers, or sitting down to tea with two of your favorite princesses… .”

There were no other details given about these two statements, but we can only hope they’re suggestions of experiences to come.

Shanghai Disneyland Castle Restaurant
It’s confirmed that a table-service restaurant, as well as a full-fledged ride, will be built into the new Shanghai Disneyland castle. No further details were given about the restaurant.

We’re excited to see the details about these events as they unfold. All information is subject to change, as always.


  1. Lori says

    Considering how much interest there is in special Haunted Mansion events, you’d think the Haunted Mansion dining experience would be a done deal already.

  2. catherine says

    whatever they want me to do to actually get to a meal IN the haunted mansion, even at Disneyland (I’m on the other coast) I’ll do if it’s possible (and legal).

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