5 (New to Me) Disneyland Discoveries I Couldn’t Wait To Share

Well, I’m going to be honest with you. I’m looking through the thousands of pictures I took over my 6-day trip to Disneyland and I want to write about ALL of it RIGHT NOW!

The Hungry Bear Blueberry Pie is a Thing of Beauty

Since I obviously can’t do that, and I can’t bring all of you over to my living room to look through a slide show (we don’t have enough Doritos), I’ve decided to highlight five of my favorite discoveries here. I know that some of these are already near and dear to you lucky local Disneylanders, but they were new to me on this trip, and I loved ‘em.

Each of these will be showcased in detail in longer review posts coming up over the next few months, but I couldn’t wait to share some of my personal new favorites with you ASAP!

Red Velvet Roulade

Over at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen we found plenty of new favorites. From the beignets to the garlic cheese bread, almost everything we tried was a winner.

But I have to say we were very pleased that we switched our dessert order last minute to this Red Velvet Roulade. Moist, rich red velvet cake stuffed with incredibly creamy, tangy cream cheese frosting. The perfect ending to a great meal.

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Red Velvet Roulade

Plaza Inn Fried Chicken

I know — you’re shocked that I’ve never tried this before! I am, too! What an incredible piece of poultry this is.

A huge portion of golden brown fried chicken is supplemented by green beans, mashed taters, gravy, and even a biscuit! Heather and I couldn’t even finish it between the two of us!

Plaza Inn Fried Chicken


I’ll admit that this isn’t a “new” discovery for me — I’ve been a Kungaloosh fan since I was old enough to drink them at the Adventurer’s Club in Orlando’s Pleasure Island — but finding them over at Trader Sam’s in the Disneyland Hotel brought back great memories! (They’re not on the menu, but you can order them anyway! They’ll ask if you want the “old version or the new version.”) Thanks to Henry for the tip!


Club 33 Truffled Mac and Cheese

While it’s not served with the “house favorite” Chateaubriand, you can get the truffled mac and cheese with a yummy chicken dish (and it’s worth it!).

It’s hard to find a photo that doesn’t feature my husband’s fork hovering to steal some noodles.

Chicken and Truffled Mac and Cheese at Club 33

Caramel Corn

Imagine that delicious Disney popcorn that you all know and love. Now dump it in a vat of hot caramel, and stir!

I got the tip on this stuff from one of my favorite DFB informers, and I owe him one, for sure! Salty, buttery, and caramel-y…I wish I had more stomach space!

Caramel Corn

So these are just a few of my Disneyland Discoveries from this past weekend. I can’t wait to write about all of them in full! We’ll scatter them amongst some other great Disney Parks, Resorts, and Cruise Line content we have lined up, so stay tuned to hear all about it!

Have you had the pleasure of sampling any of these old AND new items? Let me know what you think in the comments section below! Oh! And what do you want to hear about first?


  1. Alan says

    It’s 5:30 AM here in eastern NC and I’m up early, worried about Hurricane Irene and battening down for a bad storm. But after reading this blog, I’m more worried about frying some chicken and grilling some asparagus for dinner. I think I’ll add some blueberry filling and popping corn to my hurricane emergency kit. The Kungaloosh goes without saying.

  2. Jo says

    I’m a fan of the Plaza Inn fried chicken, but didn’t have it this trip. Did you get to the Garden Grill at DCA for skewers? That is my favorite new discovery. Went there twice. YUM!!!

  3. Christal says

    Love Love LOVE!!! That chicken!! My fave food in the whole park (next is the BBQ in Thunder Ranch) :)

  4. says

    Not even 8am at my house and you’re making me hungry. So much so … I might have to get over to Disneyland today just to get some caramel corn! We usually eat at the Plaza Inn if we have a sit down meal. Especially if we’re meeting up with family. Believe it or not, my favorite is the green beans! Good thing a meal comes with them. hehe
    Another favorite is the caramel corn. We’ve only found it in front of the Hyperion Theater and by Toy Story Mania in California Adventure. Did you find it in Disneyland too? I hope so!!
    So green with envy over your Club 33 experience. We look at the door every time we go! ;D

  5. says

    I’m sitting here catching up on all the D23 coverage & trying to talk myself out of an impromptu trip to Disneyland…then I read this. I am definitely willing to fly cross country for red velvet anything! ….and caramel popcorn …and truffle mac & cheese (you know, when I score an invite to Club 33). I’m pretty sure the DFB leads me to spend more money than any other Disney blog….keep up the great work! :)

  6. James says

    You can find the old and new recipes for Kungaloosh over at AllEars.net: allears.net/din/rec_kung.htm

    The recipes are pretty different, but I’ve never had either so I can’t say which I’d prefer. I’ll have to try both sometime, I guess!

  7. says

    1. Velvet Rolly Deal: Can they please make a carrot cake rolly deal with the same cream cheese frosting? And then I can just eat that for the rest of my life? Because that would be ideal.

    2. Chicken Platter: This is on my list for DL Sept 2011! It’s pretty high up there too! Like Monte Cristo, Corn Dog, Chicken Fest. I am going to eat the hell out of that chicken! If you are in DL around September, look for the man by himself shoving chicken wildly into his face.

    3. Drink: Since the parks close at 8 every night while I am there, I see myself ending up at this Trader Sam’s pretty frequently. Like “Norm” frequently. In fact, if anyone sees a dashing single man with chicken all over his face, please yell “NATE!” when I enter the bar. I never had a Kungaloosh, new or old, but I am looking forward to working my way through the bar menu.

    4. Club-level Rare Truffle Cheese & Macaroni: You tease.

    5. Caramel Corn: Ok, I understand that popcorn and Disneyland go hand-in-hand, but I just can’t get on the bandwagon. I’ve never had popcorn in the park, but I really don’t like popcorn. Gets stuck in my teeth. Painful. While Disneyland is and always will be the “Happiest Place on Earth,” a close second should be the inside of my mouth. But I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    And I can’t wait to hear about that blueberry pie. ;)

  8. says

    Heather — The caramel corn was da bomb.

    Alan — I hope you guys are holding up over there! Thinking of you!

    Mark D — Ha ha! I’ll stop by on my way up to Buffalo to see the ‘rents!

    Jo — I got the beef skewer with the Moroccan Chile sauce! Very good!!

    Christal — Awesome! It’s my new favorite chicken!

    Daniel and James — Old kunga is not slushy. But the AllEars recipe includes midori in the old kunga — I don’t remember there being midori in there. Might have been before my time. Maybe there were THREE kunga recipes! Anyway, the one I had was the one they served BEFORE they made the slushy version.

    Cathi — I didn’t find the caramel corn in Disneyland — just in DCA! Loved the Plaza green beans — so squeaky! ;-)

    Lindsay — A Disneyland trip is always called for!

    Greg — Caramel corn stands are by Soarin’ and in front of the Fun Wheel in DCA. Cathi says there’s one by Hyperion Theater, too! They look like regular popcorn stands, but they’ll have caramel corn listed as well!

    Nate — They do yell things when you walk into Trader Sam’s! You’ll have to warn them what your name is before you go! ;-)

    Jenn — It IS amazing! You know I love my cream cheese frosting…

    James (DisneyNorth) — Husband is partial to ranch, while my favorite is the super spicy nacho! ;-)

  9. carolyn says

    Thanks for telling me where the caramel corn is! Was wondering! Gotta try that. :)

    So hungry now….

  10. Jen says

    That blueberry pie looks heavenly! Can’t wait to try it in a few weeks on my first trip to DL!!!

  11. Deneice says

    I tried the red velvet for the first time in May when I tried the Jazz Kitchen for the first time. Since moving away in 2001 I had been sticking to my usual places…but branched out! So glad I did!

  12. says

    Delicious! I’m pretty sure I will try them all soon. We are making our first trip to Disneyland at the end of this month! I’m eager for whatever you have to share. We are old Disney World veteran’s, so it feels pretty weird to go into this without any favorites. I suppose we will just have to make all new favorites!

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