Battle of the Disney Chocolate-Covered Sandwiches

It was over a year ago that I first shared my chocolate-covered peanut butter sandwich experience here on the Disney Food Blog.

And since enjoying that one-of-a-kind snack, I’ve found that it’s rarely available in Walt Disney World anymore — even though you can find it regularly in Disneyland (when it’s not selling out in the span of a few hours) at Pooh Corner in Critter Country and at the Candy Palace on Main Street. It’s also at the Candy Shop in Disney California Adventure.

What you can still find regularly in Walt Disney World (and in Disneyland) are the the chocolate-covered s’mores, the sister candy to the peanut butter sandwich. They look exactly the same, but inside they’re oh-so-different!

I figured we should highlight both of these and see which one you guys prefer (be sure to vote in the poll at the end of the post!).

Chocolate-Covered S’more

Major points to this option since it’s so regularly available on both coasts! The s’more is made up of a chocolate covered graham cracker on the bottom (I love that it’s already chocolate covered so that it doesn’t get soggy with the marshmallow on top!), covered with a thick layer of soft marshmallow, and dunked in a hefty coating of milk chocolate.

Chocolate Covered S'mores

As you can see on the inside, it’s not technically a sandwich. There’s no “top” graham cracker — the marshmallow is just covered with a thick layer of chocolate. And it is thick. If you love chocolate, you’ll love these!

S'mores Cross Section

Again, I’ll reiterate that the graham cracker is not soggy — a feat of great proportions if you ask me! I’ve rarely had a pre-made s’mores snack that doesn’t have soggy graham crackers. Well done, Disney!

I will say, however, that if you don’t care for marshmallow, you won’t like this. The marshmallow is spongy and springy — not gooey like a marshmallow fluff. If the texture of a regular marshmallow turns you off, this won’t appeal to you.

Overall, I really enjoyed the textures and flavors of this snack more than I thought I would! Often, I stay away from marshmallow snacks — they’re too sweet and don’t have enough substance to me most of the time. But this one was great! Two thumbs up.

Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich

This snack really does live up to its hype. If you’re a peanut butter and chocolate lover, this is a must-do for you!

Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich

Once again, a chocolate-covered graham cracker makes up the base of this treat. It’s covered with a slab of peanut butter and smothered in a thick coating of milk chocolate.

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cross Section

The peanut butter here is much more solid than the peanut butter you have in the jar at home. Think reese’s peanut butter cup, but even slightly more solid. It breaks off in chunks rather than smoothly separating, so if that’s the kind of peanut butter filling you enjoy, this one’s for you.

Again, the chocolate coating here is super-thick. And while the s’more has sweetness throughout, the peanut butter sandwich has a bit more saltiness to it, giving it a few different flavors.

Also, note that this isn’t actually a sandwich either. But since Disney markets it that way, we’ll call it a sandwich! ;-)

What’s Your Favorite?

Now it’s time for you to weigh in! If you’ve tried either or both of these snacks (or if you’d like to!), let us know what you think! Which snack is more appealing to you?

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  1. Alan says

    It’s funny. I don’t like sweets too much, but two things I do like are chocolate covered marshmallows and peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches. So, you can say DL and WDW has hit my sweet spot.

  2. says

    Alan — Peanut Butter and Nutella sandwiches?! Why have I not tried this?! I’ve had pb and nutella together, but just on a spoon while hiding out in my kitchen. ;-)

    Adam — Ha! Agreed!

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    I love peanut butter cups, and thats really what the sandwich is. Yum. But as a hot weather visitor I have to vote for the s’more. The peanut butter sandwich is a little heavy when it’s 97 and humid.

  4. says

    Headed to DL (my first real trip) in a bit over 2 months and the pb chocolate sandwich is near the top of my list of things I need to eat (along with the monte cristo and beignets and tigger tails and….)!

  5. Cherry says

    Never had either sandwich (which I’ll have to remedy in October when I’m there for F&W) but I’d have to go with the chocolate and peanut butter. Two of my favorite flavors together.

  6. says

    I’ve only had the PB one….. I have a new mission in live…. to try the S’mores version. Hope you had a great time at the EXPO!

  7. Jennifer says

    They used to have a big chocolate mint that looked similar to this as well. You could get it in either milk or dark choclate and it has a thin swirl of green icing on top. So good! These were available at the Magic Kingdom, and at Downtown Disney in Orlando. I asked an employee in the Candy Cauldron and she said they hadn’t made them in a long time. You can still buy the mint chocolate bars that are wrapped to look like Disney money. The taste is very similar.

  8. Trina says

    Ok, where in WDW do I find these chocolate covered treats?! I’ve never seen them. Someone please tell me!

  9. Jen says

    OMG!! I need one of the CPB&J ones!! They look so good!! I wonder why WDW doesnt usually have them.

  10. Sandy says

    Did I miss the most important part? Where in Disneyworld can you find these delectable treats?

  11. Jeff from NJ says

    My Brothers and Sisters, let us pray… :)

    After 40+ years in NJ, and a nearly 20 year veteran of WDW, I just accepted a job in Irvine, California, so I’m about to no longer be, “Jeff from NJ,” and will magically morph into, “Jeff from SoCal.”

    Take my word for it that being less than an hour from Disneyland was a factor in accepting this position!

    The Peanut Butter Sandwich will be one of the first things I hunt down on my inaugural visit to Disneyland. I can’t wait to try this and all of the other awesome things only available at Disneyland.

    Anaheim…here we come!



  12. Karen says

    Where can I find the smores sandwich? Heading to the MK in about 2 weeks and want to put it on my “to eat” list.

  13. says

    Mark D — My choice, too. :-)

    GG — Ooh, good point on the weather factor!

    LO, Trina, and Sandy — Unfortunately, WDW doesn’t carry the peanut butter sandwiches very much anymore. They had them at the Confectionery last year, but I haven’t seen them since. For S’mores (and possibly PB), check the confectionery and the trading post at the MK, Goofy’s Candy Company in Downtown Disney, Sweet Spells in DHS. Pretty much any candy counter! :-)

    Raydancer — Me, too!

    iheartbiscuits — And you haven’t been able to forget, have you?

    V — For sure! That PB sandwich can be found at Pooh Corner and the Candy Palace (if you don’t see it, they may have just run out — just ask when they’re making them again).

    Cherry — Fingers crossed we find it in WDW during F&W!

    Eric — Onward on your mission!! I had a great time at the Expo — so sorry we didn’t get to meet up, though!

    Jennifer — Thanks for the tip on the green/mint candy bars!

    Jen — Good question! They certainly are fan favorites, so I’m not sure why they’re not around as often.

    Jeff — CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow! That’s so fantastic. You’re going to LOVE Disneyland if you haven’t been there already. Can’t wait to have you be a food blog correspondent ;-)

    Karen — Smores can be found at just about every candy counter in WDW — Confectionery, Goofy’s CAndy Company, Sweet Spells, etc…

  14. says

    I haven’t tried either one, but the s’mores one sounds really good right now. Maybe it’s because it’s still summer and thoughts of campfires are lingering. Maybe it’s because I saw an amazing s’mores treat in Philadelphia this past weekend.

    Either way, I’ll keep this treat in mind on my trip to WDW in October.

  15. Heather Sievers says

    I haven’t tried the peanut butter one yet, but the s’mores one was good…. Why no “tie” button!?!

  16. says

    What they should have is a combo with a layer of peanut butter then marshmallow. Maybe? I love the PB sandwich all the way. I think I’ll go eat the one I bought the other day that’s in my kitchen… (A CM accidentally gave me a s’more once, but I knew right away because of the s swirled in the chocolate. Gave it right back)

  17. says

    AJ, I don’t know whether I should love you or hate you for introducing me to these things. Because of you, I’m going to gain 20 lbs on my next trip to Disney World, but because of you my taste buds will be in ecstasy and my tummy is going to be full of yummy goodness.

  18. Christin says

    The chocolate smores are fantastic, I kept mine in the fridge and I think it tasted even better. Can’t wait for November to have these again!

  19. Lori says

    I just returned home from a week at Disneyland, and after reading about the Peanut Butter sandwich on this blog, I had to try one. It was soooooo good! I loved it – thanks for the recommendation! I should’ve bought a few extras to bring home with me.

  20. Catherine says

    I am in love with the S’mores one. I have been searching everywhere on the web for the recipe on how to make. Any suggestions?

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