Snack Series: Disneyland’s Spicy Peanut, and Hunny Pot Caramel Apples

On my epic eating adventure with Heather in Disneyland a few weeks ago, we decided to sample two caramel apples that caught our eyes.

Heather had noticed the brand new “Spicy Peanut” caramel apple on her ventures through the parks, and I had always wondered what that adorable “Hunny Pot” caramel apple (that you can only find at Pooh Corner in Critter Country) was like on the inside.

Hunny Pot Apple Wrapped

Spicy Peanut Apple Wrapped

Sadly, we found out the hard way that Disneyland candy shops will no longer cut your apples for you (!!!!!!!!!!!), so after spending several sorry minutes at Award Weiners in Disney California Adventure trying to attack the Spicy Peanut apple with a black plastic knife (“Just use a plastic knife,” they all said, “If you insert the blade at the top of the apple, it will cut right through.” NOT true. Decidedly NOT true. Do NOT believe the lies.) we hightailed it to Hearthstone Lounge and commandeered a metal knife to make the magic happen.

Never ever let them hand you a plastic knife! That was a serious joke. All we got was a bendy unsuccessful mess. Nothing worse than trying to dig into a treat and failing.  And, by commandeered I think you mean stole!    (Heather)

Spicy Peanut Caramel Apple

The Spicy Peanut Caramel Apple is a regular caramel apple covered in peanuts and dusted with spicy-hot flavoring. I’m guessing there’s a touch of cayenne in there.

Spicy Peanut Apple

You can see there’s a healthy amount of caramel surrounding the apple, and plenty of savory peanuts. (The touch of brown is due to our unsuccessful “plastic knife cutting” episode a half hour prior to when this pic was taken.)

Spicy Peanut Apple Cross Section

The spice did not provide much flavor, but it did provide a kick of heat. The heat didn’t affect me until I’d already chewed and swallowed, however, and came as an afterthought — a rush of heat that starts your taste buds, nasal cavities, and the sides of your mouth tingling when it’s already too late to decide against finishing the bite! The spice isn’t overwhelming, but there is (Thank Goodness) enough to make you realize you’ve just eaten something with a little punch to it. (Not sure of too many Disney foods that actually do that…).

Spicy Peanut Apple Quartered

I thought it was a really fun snack — multi-textured, entertaining, unique, and slightly dangerous for a theme park menu item. While kids might like this, it won’t be the first apple they choose unless you have mini-Anthony-Bourdains living with you!

I was so excited that AJ wanted to try the Spicy Peanut Apple. It was something that I wouldn’t have purchased on my own.  I’m normally not a “spicy” person, but this was surprisingly tasty! (Heather)

Hunny Pot Apple

I first spotted this cute apple in Pooh Corner on my 2010 trip to Disneyland, and I wondered for ages how they got the caramel to NOT drip down the sides of the apple when they poured it on the top!

Hunny Pot Apple

I also thought the little bee stuck in the caramel was just about the most adorable apple-decoration I had ever seen.

Hunny Pot apple Bee

Finally, I really enjoyed that this apple was completely milk-chocolate covered. I’d never tasted a caramel apple dipped in milk chocolate, and I thought I’d like the tastes and textures together.

Unfortunately, the person making the Hunny Pot apples on our visit was a little careless with the orange sugar crystals — they’re most certainly not supposed to stick to the honey at the top of the apple — so this isn’t the best specimen I could have shown you. :-( This frustrated Heather and myself greatly as we’re both perfectionists when it comes to things like this (I guess that’s why we love doing what we do here on Disney Food Blog!).

So so so disappointed in her sanding sugar and “Hunny” dripping skills… (Heather)

Making Hunny Pot Apples

But, no matter! We dove in anyway! Lots of caramel on this one as well, but you can see that the chocolate is much thicker than the caramel coating on most of the apple.

Hunny Pot apple Cross Section

I was actually surprised to find that I wasn’t as much of a fan of the chocolate covered apple as I’d expected. The chocolate mixed with the juice from the apple and became cold and coagulated in my mouth instead of being smooth and melty as I’d expected. As a result, it was a less than pleasant experience. Next time, I’ll eat the chocolate off of the apple and THEN eat the apple. Weird? Yes. But I know I’ll enjoy it more than the combined textures.

Not weird, I agree 100%. Well, wait, maybe, we’re both weird… (Heather)

Hunny Pot Apple quartered


While the multi-textured feel and flavor of the Spicy Peanut apple was a welcome surprise to me and worked very well as a cohesive snack, the same qualities in the Hunny Pot apple ended up being less than pleasing. I would have rather eaten each part of the apple separately.

You learn something new everyday!!

Have you tried one of these apples in Disneyland? Do you have a favorite caramel apple in Disneyland or Disney World? Let us know!


  1. Heather Sievers says

    I was really surprised that I enjoyed the Spicy Peanut more than the “Hunny” Pot. AND too bad the maker of those was not bringing her sanding sugar A-Game. I’ve seen some really cute Hunny Pot apples & She was so sloppy! ; )

  2. says

    Heather — For real about the sanding sugar A-Game. Remember how the cast member in charge was sliding sidelong glances her way, clearly annoyed at the sub-par sugaring? That chick was awesome.

  3. Amanda says

    I’ve found that chocolate caramel apples at Disney lately have had too much chocolate and not enough caramel. I prefer the caramel to be equal to or thicker than the chocolate, and this hasn’t been the case lately. Which means I get sick of the chocolate-ness about a third of the way through.

  4. says

    That stinks that they wouldn’t cut the apple for you!!! A plastic knife is definitely a sub-par tool for sawing through any sort of apple, much less one with chocolate and caramel and other coatings!

  5. Diane says

    Wow. You guys are tough. Were you disappointed in the wayward sanding sugar for aesthetic reasons (i.e. it only belonged on the word “Hunny”), or because it made the dollop of caramel crunchy instead of smooth?

  6. says

    loling at “And, by commandeered I think you mean stole!” I am a chocoholic to say the least and the idea of that much chocolate on my apple seems a bit nauseating. The spicy peanut sounds intriguing.

  7. Melinda says

    I think I found a Disney “sweet” that my hubby might eat! He is not much into sweets (hates most infact, but hey, it just leaves more for me!) but the spicy peanut may be a nice treat for him. And even my “mini Anthony Bourdain” kids would like it too. Me, I’ll stick to the plain carmel apples! Great reviews!

  8. Megan says

    Just letting you know…you can get sliced apples with a little bowl of caramel to dip them in over at Main Street Cone Shop (it’s the little window shop tucked back in between Clothiers and Markethouse). But I personally don’t feel like that’s as exciting as an actual carmel apple. =) Also…I agree about the plastic knives! As a former cast member, I felt apologetic whenever I had to hand over a plastic knife with a carmel apple…because I know they just don’t work very well. I’ve been able to get a plastic knife to cut through an apple…but I made a big mess of it and in my frustration I basically had to attack the apple like a maniac to make it happen…and almost sliced a thumb off in the process (which is, interestingly, easier to do than cutting into the apple. o.O)

  9. Christal says

    I had a hunny pot apple last year right before they closed Critter country to re-due and matain some of it, and it was super yummy! I just went in Aug and got one again and they so DIDNT taste the same. The chocolate seemed really wax-ie this time. I wonder if this has to do with Disney taking transfats out of foods? maybe they are using a new chocolate? ether way it was not the same and I was bummed as well.
    I also super miss the old tigger tails (the ones diped in orange flavored white chocolate) the new ones just dont do it for me :(

  10. says

    The Hunny Pot caramel apples really had me interested when you took that first picture a while back. It’s nice to see that it’s made up of layers, but not the right way.

    Really, depending on what sort of chocolate coating they put on it will decide if it will melt or not. It sounds like they put Semisweet/bittersweet chocolate on the apples. If they would have put milk chocolate on there though it would have melted a bit easier due to the melting point being lower.

    Still look amazing! :)

  11. says

    The Spicy Peanut Apple seems really fun indeed. And everything with spices now is quite trendy ever since that article about the power of spices for combating fat.

  12. Madoka says

    I’m a fan of spicy foods so that spicy peanut apple looks really intriguing!

    @Christal – OMG I’m sooo sad that they changed the Tigger Tails to using sugar sprinkles instead of orange-flavored white chocolate. We had not known about Tigger Tails and tried one on our very next trip after finding out about their existence. It was wonderfully delicious. But by 3 months later on our trip after that, they had changed to the sugar sprinkles which totally sucks compared with the old, trans-fat in all its glory, version. I’m all for healthier snacks but not when flavor and enjoyment is completely sacrificed! I will never buy another new style Tigger Tail again but will always remember our one and only taste of the TRUE Tigger Tail with wishful fondness.

  13. Jen2 says

    OMG…I ended up loving that spicy caramel apple!!!!! I wasn’t sure at first, but now my family of 7 crave for it!!!! We tried it for the very first time during our Christmas vacation, just yesterday, and I ended up buying 3 to take home to San Diego. We finished them and now I am trying to figure out when I need to go up to just buy them!!!!! I can’t imagine not having an annual pass and not being able to go to Disney’s California Adventure! Is there any other place I can get them near San Diego???? Please let me know!!!!!!

  14. Essie says

    I have a favorite custom made apple that I order at DTD at Goofy’s Candy Co. on every trip. It’s outrageously decadent and delicious. The first layer is caramel, second is chocolate, third is plain vanilla fudge and then it’s rolled in pecans. Once they switched the second and third layers and did the fudge second and the chocolate third, although I don’t know why. Both ways were delicious. I order it on my first day and pick it up later in the week because they don’t have vanilla fudge cooking everyday. It’s the ultimate WDW treat. :)

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