The Case of the Disappearing Cupcakes

UPDATE: On our recent October 2011 trip to Animal Kingdom, we saw the cupcakes alive and well at Kusafiri Bakery! Just be sure to visit at 11:30 to ensure that you snag your sweet! ;-)

A reader (thanks Christa!) sent me an email yesterday asking about the cupcakes at Kusafiri Bakery in Disney’s Animal Kingdom…or the lack thereof!

As you know from our Disney cupcake crawl, there are some pretty fantastic cupcakes and a great brownie in the Animal Kingdom (Zebra Cupcake, paw print brownie, White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake). But the recent change in menus at the parks has shown that Disney is no longer guaranteeing the cupcakes’ existence at Kusafiri. :-(

Zebra Cupcake

That said, we have heard from some readers (Thanks Diane R. and Kristin W.!) that the cupcakes are available occasionally, but that they’re not around every single day as they had been before. There are also reports that the frosting is changing from the glorious buttercream to the less-lovable (IMHO) whipped version.

Let us know what your experience is the next time you’re at Kusafiri! :-)


  1. Arianna D. says

    Just came back from WDW and they had all of the cupcakes there in the morning on the 22nd (We had them for breakfast). The frosting was delicious! However, in the next few days, we went back around the same time and they said that they don’t serve the cupcakes until later in the day.

  2. JulFromMD says

    I blame the dining plan… ;)

    No, seriously. Because the dining plan includes desserts at both lunch and dinner (assuming you’re not wasting a dining credit on breakfast), not as many people want to buy sugary snacks or use snack credits on sweet treats outside of those meals. With fewer people wanting to indulge on sweet treats that don’t come attached to their meals, it only makes logical sense to cut back the offerings available. Add to that the challenges of putting out the cupcakes in an age of “health conscious” park dining, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d see sugary delights becoming occasional rotation items on bakery menus instead of standard fare. (That being said, cupcakes of many kinds are on my list of “things to do this October trip”.)

  3. Tracey Hartley says

    Thanks for the update. My kids and I are crushed that we will no longer be able to get out fav. cupcakes at Ak for our trip in Oct. I hope the Cotton top Tamarin is available for us to try out then!

  4. SharonC says

    As long as I can still get the Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake at Starring Rolls in DHS, I am happy : )

  5. canadianslovewdw says

    @ JulFromMD . I have used the dining plan 3 out of the last 4 years.. and even though you get a dessert with your meal, we still use our credits for cupcakes.. if we didnt have the plan then i dont think i would spend 4 bucks on a cupcake as often… so i eat more because of the plan not less..

  6. Christal says

    Im all for being healthy and eating right but REALLY!!! Come on your in DL or WDW its vacation lighten up. I mean come on, the people who want to have a apples or veggies instead of a “suger-loaded-yummy-going-straight-to-my-hips” kinda treat, can find it all over they dont have to buy the cup cakes (or other treats). So why do we have to to suffer by having our treats taken away? or the recipies of our fave treats messed with because some health freaks say it needs to be. I know what trans fat does to you….but guess what I rather have my old tigger tails back and deal with it then eat the nasty ones they have now. Its make me sad all my fav treats and little bits of Disney joy are being pulled off the shelvs :(

  7. ShaeLee says

    Might be because of the CM’s eating the yummy chocolate off the top of the cupcakes. Last time I was at WDW, I went to Kusafiri and noticed a female CM (with her back to me) had her head in the low fridge the cupcakes are stored in and she was eating chocolate shavings off the zebra cupcakes. I had to clear my throat so she knew I was there and then she made like she was “organizing” the cupcakes to cover herself. I know it wasn’t sanitary, but I found it funny so I didn’t say anything about it.

  8. Lee says

    BTW it isn’t for lower calorie count that I want the whippied frosting. I just like it much much more. At WDW I’m on vacation from real life–and that includes calorie counting. :))

  9. Heather says

    OH no! I’m not going to be able to get my cupcakes for breakfast anymore? That is terrible news.

  10. says

    I too am in the minority of being thrilled about whipped frosting! Buttercream is too rich and makes me feel bleargh. I’ve always avoided most WDW cupcakes because of it. Maybe now I can try again!

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