Jim Korkis on Walt’s Favorite Foods

Bread Pudding from Main Street Bakery

Jim Korkis has a great article over on MousePlanet about Walt Disney’s favorite foods, including some great recipes.

The Disney’s family cook prepared a dessert every night. Walt’s other favorites included Apple Brown Betty, custards, bread pudding, baked apples, red Jell-O with fruit, lemon snow pudding, and lemon chiffon with a graham cracker crust. He liked Gingerbread and another type of cookie made with chow mein noodles and melted butterscotch.

This article should be on your must read list! Read it in its entirety here.


  1. says

    I truly enjoyed this article! How nice would it be to see something in one of the parks devoted to him…perhaps a chili stand for a quick snack? I wish I didn’t live in PA so I could attend that chili and a movie night!

  2. Alan says

    As I walk around WDW and see all the young faces, it is hard to believe that most Disney fans were not around while Walt was alive. Almost forty-five years since he passed away. It is nice to see the occasional article about him and it reminds us of the creativity and genius of the man responsible for these parks that we love.

    It is funny but except for chili, I really like most of the foods that Walt enjoyed. And while I am not much of a sweets fan, his favorite desserts are all up my alley.

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