Recipe: Breakfast Risotto from Oscar’s at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Oscar’s Restaurant in the Waldorf Astoria Orlando — a truly incredible luxury resort located within the gates of Walt Disney World (The beds! You have to see the beds!) — serves this amazing Breakfast Risotto each morning!

As one of the most requested items on the menu, the Breakfast Risotto requires hours to make and ingredients that aren’t easy to locate. While this recipe will require patience, the tasty risotto is worth the effort (trust me; I’ve tried it). So, let’s get cookin’!

Oscar's Breakfast Risotto

3 oz  Farro Piccolo  (cooked, see below)
3 oz  Black Barley (cooked, see below)
3 oz  Irish Cut Oats/Steel-cut oats (cooked, see below)
1 oz  Marcona Almonds
1 oz  Dried Cranberries
1 oz  Seedless Golden Raisins
1 oz  Agave Syrup Lt Or Nt
1 oz  Butter, unsalted
Pinch of Salt

To cook the grains:
1. For the Farro Piccolo, soak the grains for 8 hours before cooking. You can cook the grains in the same liquid you soaked them in, with the addition of some salt, bay leaf, and thyme. Cook Farro for 2-3 hours at a simmer.
2. For the Black Barley, soak the grains for 8 hours before cooking. Drain the soaking liquid and rinse the grains. You cook these also with bay leaf, thyme, and some salt, adding water to the pot as needed. Black Barley takes 5-6 hours to cook at a simmer.
3. For the Irish Oats, bring 8 cups of water to a boil and add the oats while stirring. Reduce heat and simmer for about 30 minutes, adding water if needed.

To prepare the Risotto:
1 In a sauté pan, heat Farro Piccolo, Black Barley, dried fruits with 4oz water to create creamy texture
2 Bring to boil; add Irish oatmeal and butter. Bring to boil again.
3 Add orange zest, almonds, and agave syrup. Season to taste.
4 Transfer to a bowl
5 Garnish with agave syrup, strips of fresh mint, orange zest (use a zester; the smallest side of a box grater will do), dried fruits, and small mint sprig (.02 oz Fresh Mint, or one large mint leaf (cut into strips)).

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