Preview of Food-Related Disney Vinylmation to be Served Up Soon

Our Vinylmation Guru, Erin Foster, has the latest on upcoming foodie vinyl releases!

Disney certainly has a lot on its plate in Vinylmation-land. This past weekend Walt Disney World hosted an event called The Florida Project, a key component of which was meets and seminars for Disney pin and Vinylmation traders and collectors. Many thanks to Cody Smith of Global Disney Pinvestigation for his reporting from this event.

A highlight of the Vinylmation Florida Project news was the announcement of future series releases and the unveiling of teaser figures from those series. Upcoming sets will include Seven Dwarves Vinylmation Juniors, Cutesters at the Beach, Alice in Wonderland, Park Classics, This and That Juniors, more Park and Urban, Nerd Figment and Stitch, Haunted Mansion, Sports Teams, Chinese Zodiac, and many more.

But of course food-related Vinylmations are the favorite with Disney Food Blog readers and the Florida Project teasers have given us more than enough to whet our appetites. Here’s what Disney is cooking up:

Kitchen Kabaret Vinylmation

A set based on the late great Kitchen Kabaret attraction at Epcot’s Land Pavilion. Unconfirmed reports have this as an open box set priced at approximately $75.00. No word yet on a release date.

Kitchen Kabaret!

Very Merry Goofy

This Goofy with an awesome lollipop accessory is coming in November 2011 and will retail for $16.95.

Very Merry Goofy.

Hot Dog

The Urban 8 series will include a Mickey hot dog Vinylmation. One of my all-time personal favorites. Love the hidden Mickey onion.

Hot dog.

Milk and Juice

This 9″ set is part of the Urban 7 series and will sell for $74.95. Again, this is a must-purchase item for this Vinyl Foodie.

Milk and juice.

Holiday 3 Series

The Holiday 3 series includes an Easter offering of jelly beans floating on a grass green background (top row, second from left), as well as a Hannukkah dreidel featuring chocolate gelt (bottom row second from left), and Vinylmation brand cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving (bottom row, third from left). Mmmmm.

Food is an important part of Holiday 3.

Night Lights

While these battery-operated night-lights aren’t specifically food-related, I can’t help but think of giant gummy bears when I see them. And that makes me want to EAT them. :-)

Vinyl lights.

Which of these treats are on your holiday wish list?


  1. Steph says

    I love the night lights! I know my kids would love them too! Will have to check them out next spring when we are in WDW!

  2. AFoodie says

    I LOVE the Kitchen Kabaret ones! I can almost hear the “Veggie-Fruit-Fruit” song in the background!!! :)

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