Upcoming Disney World Menu Changes: Rose & Crown, Beaches & Cream, and Sanaa

We’ve had a couple of menu update reports from friends of the Food Blog over the past couple of days! Here’s what we’re finding out…

Rose & Crown Restaurant

A new lunch menu started September 14th at the Rose & Crown in Epcot’s United Kingdom.

New Rose and Crown Menu - click for larger version

Thanks to @scarlettashley1 for the breaking-news tweet!


Over at Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kidani Village, Sanaa will update its menu slightly this Fall. Our source isn’t sure of all the new details, but Sanaa will likely add a rice pudding dessert and make some changes to preparation of the New York Strip Steak.

Beaches and Cream Menu Changes

Word on Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort is that the menu will be going through a few changes over the coming months. The chefs are working on adding a “mile long” hot dog to the menu as well as a Reuben sandwich. This week (starting Tuesday according to our source), the vegetable sandwich will change up a bit, possibly adding ciabatta bread.

Do you have more info on any menu changes in Disney World? Let us know in the comments section below or via our contact form!


  1. says

    Oh, no! The vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie is gone from Rose & Crown. I’m not even a vegetarian, and that was my favorite item. The vegetarian curry sounds interesting, but I don’t think it will have quite the comfort food feel that the Shepherd’s Pie did. :(

  2. Galloping Gourmond says

    As long as they don’t make too many radical changes to the samples at Sanaa I’ll be happy. I always thought they would be changing their menu slightly as the seasons dictated. Was I wrong?

  3. jim says

    That may explain the lack of the english bulldog on the menu when we went to go get one earlier today per your suggestion.

  4. says

    James, Carrie, and Shayne — My sentiments exactly. And the hot dog. I still want to be able to get a hot dog. And the chicken noodle soup with Mickey head noodles. That, too. Just don’t mess with that stuff.

    Michelle B. — I’ll check it out for ya on my next visit!

    Diane N. — Good point on the curry! Now, what was IN the vegetarian shepherd’s pie?

    GG — They have changed the menu at Sanaa slightly over the past few years, but they’re not a signature restaurant and don’t have the ability to “laser print” their menus yet (that’s how one chef explained to me about when restaurants have the go-ahead to start changing seasonally — they get to laser print their menus and therefore change them whenever they need to). I haven’t been often enough to say if they change the menus more often than other restaurants, though.

    Jim — Asked you on twitter, but were you in teh pub or the restaurant. Bulldog was only pub food when I was there.

  5. Theresa Sheingold says

    So good to know this info before the trip. We have an ADR for Saana and wanted to go to Beaches and Cream! Thanks AJ!!

  6. Downunder Sugarglider says

    I can’t believe they don’t have a ploughman’s lunch at the R&C. Do I not know something?

  7. says

    The additions to Beaches and Cream sound fun, but I will definitely be upset if either of them takes the place of my beloved roast beef sub.

  8. says

    @AJ – The Vegetarian Shepherd’s pie was a lot like the regular one, but the filling was a mix of vegetables in a vegetarian brown sauce, rather than meat and sauce (no faux meat). It had stuff like mushrooms and lima beans in the veggie mix, so it felt pretty hearty for being meatless.

  9. Alan says

    A mile long hot dog! Now I can stay at the Caribbean Beach resort and start eating the hot dog without going over to the Beach Club.

  10. JoAnn says

    While looking at menus tonight, I noticed the menu changed at Liberty Tree Tavern. A couple of the changes I noticed are Martha Washington’s Cake replaced Decadent Chocolate Terrine and Vegetarian Burger replaced Vegetarian Pot Pie.

  11. JoAnn says

    Found another menu change…. Tony’s. The one change I noticed is Mushroom Tortelloni replaced Seasonal Gnocchi. This is on the dinner menu. Nothing is jumping out at me on the lunch menu at the moment.

    It appears as those the restaurants are taking advantage of the price increase on pop / soda and changing their menus since they have to update them anyway.

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