Epcot Food and Wine Festival Menu Item Videos!

Thanks to Stitch Kingdom for tipping me off to some very cool news for my fellow Epcot Food & Wine Festival fans! This year, Disney’s created videos giving sneak peeks of seven of the World Showcase booth menu items — including two brand new-to-the-festival items!

Check out full World Showcase Booth Menus and pictures of many of the World Showcase Food Items on our World Showcase Booths Index Page!

Strawberry Martini

This item hails from the Poland Booth. Check out the rest of the Poland Booth Menu items here!

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

This is a brand new dish at the festival, and you’ll find it at the new Caribbean Booth! See the rest of the Caribbean Booth Menu items here as well as a picture of the new Caribbean booth that was just constructed in the World Showcase!

Mexican Shrimp Tacos

The Mexican Shrimp Tacos are another new item this year, and you’ll find them at the Mexico Booth, of course. See the rest of the Mexico Booth Menu here!

Japanese California Sushi Roll

A long-standing menu item at the Japan booth, it’s also a popular one! See more Japan Booth Menu items here!

Australian Grilled Lamb Chops

These are phenomenal; one of my favorite items at the festival. I’m so glad to hear that they’re back yet again at the Australia Booth! Check out the full Australia Booth Menu here!

Chinese Pot Stickers

These are another favorite at the China Booth! In fact, I think next to the chicken stick, this was my favorite item at the booth last year. Oh, wait. The Green Tea Plum Wine Cooler — never mind. ;-) Luckily, all are returning this year. See the full China Booth Menu here!

German Apple Strudel

Served with caramel and vanilla sauces, this one garners loooooong lines at the festival for the Germany Booth! Go early and grab your apple strudel before the masses get there. See the full Germany Booth menu here!

I love these videos! They’re really well done and make me even more excited to go try these dishes in just a couple of weeks!

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See you there!


  1. Alan says

    A strawberry martini from Poland seemed oddly out of place next to the rest of the videos, which all made sense. But a google search shows that Poland is the largest exporter of strawberries in the EU. You learn something everyday on the DFB!

  2. Kat says

    These videos are great! I can’t wait to try the food when I go to the festival this year. I’m counting down the days.

  3. says

    I love strawberry flavored drinks! I made pitchers of strawberry mojitos this summer and started thinking about other strawberry-flavored drinks I could make (other than margaritas and daquiris!) Will have to try my luck at strawberry martinis!

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