Are You Ready for a Disney Dining Adventure?

We are!! We’re currently working on our upcoming e-Book: DFB Dining Adventures, Start Point: Magic Kingdom Area, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what to expect — as well as give you a reason to start thinking about your own dining adventures!

New DFB Dining Adventures e-Book Coming Soon!

Planning your dining can be extremely time-consuming, and making it fit around your plans in the parks can be even more difficult. We’ve had countless reader requests for pre-planned dining strategies that can be dropped right into your vacation plans. This next installment in our series of useful Disney Dining e-Books is our answer!

But we wanted to take it a step further and make it a LOT more fun than just a bunch of restaurant lists, so we invented the concept of the DFB Dining Adventures!

These adventures are a series of one-day, two-day, or one-week themed dining and attraction strategies that you can mix and match to fit YOUR vacation style! They’re an easy and fun way to make sure your visit to Walt Disney World is 100% unique!

What Will DFB Dining Adventures Look Like?

DFB Dining Adventures will include dining suggestions and activities that all fit into a fun theme! Here are just a few examples of the over 40 different Dining Adventures you’ll have to choose from in our new e-Book!

Sweet Cream Cheese Pretzel at Lunching Pad

In our “Totally Tomorrowland” Dining Adventure you’ll make a visit to the Lunching Pad in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, take a ride on Epcot’s futuristic Mission:Space, and go on a tour through the technologically advanced hydroponic gardens of The Land!

In our “Cinema Craze” Dining Adventure, you’ll follow in the footsteps of Hollywood’s most famous by dining at the Hollywood Brown Derby or check out some monster movies from the seat of a convertible at Sci-Fi Dine-In, ride Star Tours and other movie-themed attractions, and head to Downtown Disney to try out the new AMC Dine-In Movie Theater for dinner!

And in our “Hidden Mickey” Dining Adventure, we’ll give you clues to find some of our favorite Disney World Hidden Mickeys — and, by taking this Adventure, you’ll only eat in restaurants where you can find them!

And there are plenty more where those came from!

Mix and Match Dining Adventures to Suit Your Vacation!

The best part about these Dining Adventures is that you can mix and match them to fit what your family is interested in doing!

Mickey Waffle

Adventures are organized into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening strategies, so you can easily plan to do a full Adventure, or mix and match mornings, afternoons, and evenings to suit your family’s needs!

All of the Dining Adventures in the upcoming e-Book will start in the Magic Kingdom area, but they will take you and your family all over Walt Disney World for themed fun and dining.

Upcoming e-Books will have starting points in the Epcot and Hollywood Studios areas as well as the Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney areas!

Stay Tuned for More Information

We can’t wait to share our new Disney Food Blog Dining Adventures, Start Point: Magic Kingdom Area e-Book with you very soon!

Hidden Mickey at Writer's Stop in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Stay tuned to the Disney Food Blog for previews, page screen-shots, and more as we finalize this fun new compendium of Dining Adventures that will make it even easier for you and your family to plan a fun, easy, and out-of-the-ordinary Disney vacation.

What Would Your Disney Dining Adventure Look Like?

As we wrap up and finalize this Disney Food Blog Dining Adventures e-Book, we welcome you to send in your own Adventure!

Be sure to include a theme for your Dining Adventure as well as Morning, Afternoon, and Evening restaurants and activities that fit your chosen theme. Send your Adventure to, and it could be included in one of our upcoming Disney Food Blog Dining Adventures e-Books and/or on our blog!*

*All submitted ideas and adventures become property of the Disney Food Blog and can be used in whole or in part by the Disney Food Blog in this or any other product. Credit will be given to the author when applicable and appropriate at the discretion of the Disney Food Blog, so be sure to include your name!


  1. Bonnie says

    I dont know if this would fit the book but I really like the “crawls” you have on the blog. I would love to see different crawls of different types.

  2. Bonnie says

    Thats really cool. I always find the tours or walks that you post very interesting. Loves the Won’t Break Your Bank one you posted today!

  3. Vee says

    Don’t know how this affects the Totally Tomorrowland adventure, but the cream cheese pretzel is no longer available at Lunching Pad. It’s now sold at Cool Ship (just across the way).

  4. Bob Young says

    Love your Website. I just wish your e-books would be made available in an actual bound book for purchase. I’d definitely be good for at least one copy of each.

  5. Iris says

    Ok, you got me interested. What happened, where is the book, will it be on kindle, will it come out at all?

    :) Thanks

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