Best Disney World Buffalo Wings

The Buffalo Bills are currently 2 and 0 right now — undefeated — and this is something we Bills fans do not take lightly. So I thought I’d celebrate (with the Bills, you never know when your next chance to celebrate might come…months?…years?…) by showcasing my top two picks for Buffalo Wings in Walt Disney World!

This post has been a long time coming, because for a while there I hadn’t really seen any Buffalo Wings in Disney World. Slowly but surely, I’ve visited enough places to put together my list of top picks, but I’m eager to hear your suggestions in the comments. (The more suggestions you make, the more Buffalo Wings I get to try!!!)

Also, as a disclaimer, I live in Texas now, so I only get Wing City Grille and Anchor Bar wings about twice a year — go easy on me if my palate isn’t as honed as it once was! ;-)

Where to Find the Best Wings in Walt Disney World

#1: House of Blues

Over in Downtown Disney, House of Blues serves their Buffalo Wing appetizer with a bleu cheese slaw.

The wings are crispy and hot with a strong, spicy flavor. On my scale of mild to hot, I’d definitely put these at mild-medium, but that also means that the heat isn’t charring your mouth to the point that you’re unable to taste the food anymore.

House of Blues Chicken Wings

House of Blues wings have a really great Buffalo Wing flavor, and they don’t try to do anything fancy with them so all you get is good old wings. Personally, I could use a little more sauce with them, but I’m also the person who goes through a gallon of Frank’s Red Hot in a week at my house, so I’m not a good judge of that… .

#2 ESPN Club

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn houses several hidden gems when it comes to dining, and we actually really enjoy the ESPN Club.

Part of a doomed chain, or so we think, ESPN in Disney World seems to do a pretty brisk business — especially on game day.

Lines to get in on Game Day

Note: If you’re planning to head over to the Club to watch a game, particularly if it’s a game of any import whatsoever, you should plan on arriving as soon as the place opens in order to guarantee a seat. During any sort of playoff season, you might be out of luck much of the time.

But back to the wings! Here, they’re served whole, with the drummette still connected to the actual wing itself. And they’re super saucy — at least they have been when I’ve been there — so I’ve been a happy camper. The sauce isn’t spectacular, and the flavor isn’t as good as it is over at House of Blues, but this is still a good wing.

ESPN Club Chicken Wings

Because the two parts are still connected, it makes for messy eating (hard to pick those suckers up!), so plan ahead and ask for lots of wet naps. Or just head to the restroom when you’re done to clean up. (Don’t worry, you won’t miss any of the game; it’s broadcast in each individual bathroom stall!)

TVs in Restroom Stalls

By the way, the appetizer here is definitely big enough for a meal!

Runners Up

Of course, since I love wings so much, I just want to take a moment to share some other spots where you can get these yummy appetizers:

So, like I said, the wings will never be true “Buffalo” wings to those of us from Western New York, but they will definitely sooth that need for hot and spicy when you’re in Walt Disney World!

Oh, yeah — Go Bills!!!

Do you have other suggestions for Chicken Wings at Disney restaurants? Let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait! For more of our favorites, check out our Best Disney World Restaurants page.


  1. says

    Haven’t tried either of your top 2, but will as soon as possible! As a Wing Aficionado not from the Buffalo area (but once had a roommate who was) this is great info! I have tried the wings at Kona, and think they are great, but definitely not a Buffalo Wing. And as a side note the word boneless should never be used with a Buffalo Wing!

  2. Josh says

    Though they’re not buffalo wings, the sticky wings at Kona Café and ‘Ohana are awesome! We get them every single time we eat at one of those two places. (Which is often… at least once every vacation.)

  3. says

    AJ, I feel your pain about being a relocated New Yorker and looking for good wings in WDW…

    Also, since you gave a Runners Up mention to the Crew Cup Lounge, I’ll point out that the River Roost Lounge (over at Port Orleans Riverside – where Yeeha Bob plays) also serves boneless buffalo wings.

  4. Frank Stefanec says

    My favorite is the Hawaiian glazed chicken wings at the Poly.
    Sit at the sushi bar with sushi and wings.

  5. Kim says

    As a Rochester NY native, I went to college in Buffalo and my husband was born and raised there. So, we’ll be putting these wings at the top of our list for our October vacation. Go Bills!

  6. says

    Best bet is probably the Buffalo Wild Wings on 535, haha.

    But I think the Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios serves a pretty mundane buffalo chicken sandwich as well.

  7. Adhi says

    Wings are something I definitely crave around football season, so its nice to know that if I am in Disney for the weekend (a game weekend, that is), I can get my fill from these neat places. I still have not been to the ESPN club, and since I am a total sports junkie, it seems best to head that way as soon as possible!

  8. Brandon says

    Big Buffalo Bills fan up here in Toronto,Canada. I don’t often look for wings at WDW but I have had the wings at ESPN Club and Ohana. Both are good options but the wings are just a very small part of your meal at Ohana. I don’t remember any other Buffalo Wing options other than the places you have mentioned. Nothing like a Sunday afternoon at ESPN Club watching some NFL football and enjoying wings nachos and beer. One of the few times I would rather be somewhere else other than the parks!

  9. Alan says

    I’ve eaten wings at their birthplace ( The Anchor Bar ) dozens of times. It is the fountainhead. I’m sure AJ has me way outnumbered in visits there. So her judgment must be considered to be of the highest order. She’s right that Buffalo wings must be made with Frank’s hot sauce and nothing else. Any other sauce turns them back into merely chicken wings. I make Buffalo wings at home often, so I usually do not order them out ( usually overpriced ) (( makes me yearn for 5 cent wing nights in Buffalo )) and have never ordered them at WDW. The House of Blues wings look right but the ESPN wings should be pre-cut.

    Good to see another rest room picture.
    Go Jets!! (Come on)

  10. says

    Let’s Go Buffalo!!!! I grew up in WNY so I’m very particular with what constitutes a real Buffalo Chicken wing. But it looks like you have the same feelings.

    I haven’t found a place outside of WNY that can make anything close to the original. But that’s cause I’m spoiled from eating Anchor Bar, Duffs and La Nova wings.

    I’ll have to give these a try when I go down to WDW at the end of the month.

  11. Galloping gourmand says

    It’s interesting that most of the hot wings (I’ll ust that term for them) are at non Disney contractor establishments. I wonder if that’s partly due to the strong regionally of hot sauce that is used on them. Like BBQ everyone likes to complain that wings from one area are not as good as wings from another. Maybe it’s just not with the hassle for a nation wide vacation spot to even try.

  12. says

    Not true Buffalo wings but to die for.Raglan Roads has what hey call Wings of Desire which are Guiness Glazed wings that have just the right amount of heat and are the best .
    Emailed the ex. chef for the recipe and sure enough he sent it along. Haven’t tried it yet but am sure they won’t compare with Raglan Roads. Awesome !

  13. Chelsy says

    Live in Buffalo, always have. Leaving for WDW on monday, So going to try these…to prove to myself no other state has wings down to a science!

  14. says

    It saddens me that the two best places on property for wings are non-Disney chains. Maybe the Mouse needs to look in the mirror on that one.

  15. Jill says

    Since I live in Buffalo, I do not usually look for “Buffalo Wings” since I have never been able to find a close comparison outside of their place of origin. However, I have had The ones at ESPN, and although not a true Buffalo Wing they are tasty. Anyways…Go Bills!! Go Sabres!!!

  16. Andie D says

    Grew up in B’lo and just returned after 20 years most recently living in Orlando and Texas. Don’t know where you are in TX, but Buffalo Bros in Fort Worth (right near TCU) is run by a B’lo native. They serve real buffalo wings, beef on weck, Sahlen’s hot dogs and even Bison chip dip.

    I usually don’t order Buffalo style chicken wings outside of B’lo because I’m always disappointed. Buffalo wings should not be breaded or come with ranch! I do, however, love the wings at ‘ohana.

    Keep up the great work! Love the blog

  17. canadianslovewdw says

    LETS GO BUFFALO…. the wings at ohana are good.. but not buffalo.. next year at the food and wine festival they should have a WNY booth with wings and beef on wheck…

  18. Sarah W. says

    I can’t believe my favorite blog is run by Bills fans!! Woo hoo! And I’m totally with canadianslovewdw. Next year at Epcot F&W: Duff’s.

  19. Kayla says

    I literally just had a conversation two days ago with my Buffalonian mom when I (re)introduced her to the DFB, and she remarked about how AJ is also from Buffalo, which, naturally, turned toward Buffalo food. And now all of the other comments (Bison brand chip dip! Anchor Bar! Beef on weck!) have turned me from sadness over sub-par wings to in desperate need of Buffalo food! Which you can’t exactly get in SC :(

  20. JoAnn says

    I have been considering going to the ESPN Club to catch the Steelers game while I’m there in November. I do like wings.

  21. Christal says

    WWOOOHHHOOO AJ I love you even more!! We are a huge Bill’s fan family here is CA GO BILL!!! O the wings look good to :)

  22. Michael Scibetta says

    I need to add one more (on Disney Property) to the list:

    Raging Thunder BUFFALO Wings from the Rainforest Cafe!
    “Our traditional style Buffalo wings served with carrots, celery sticks and Blue cheese dressing.”

    Also, just east of Disney’s Downtown area, in Crossroads Shopping Center is Buffalo Wild Wings, with LOADS of choices from Mild to Blazin’

    And, since I am originally from Jersey, J E T S — Jets, Jets, Jets!

  23. says

    I LOVE the Buffalo ideas – I’m with the votes for Duffs.. maybe it was location – I was way closer to Duffs in hs.. but I never liked Anchor Bar that much and haven’t tried Wing City.. but I say WNY booth would be perfect for F&W.. beef on weck, wings, sahlens hot dogs, and even that garbage plate from Rochester… in! Thanks for letting me know where to try if I’m craving!

  24. Steve says

    Try Boardwalk Brothers they deliver to the lobby of most of the Disney Resorts and they are amazing. They have a Ghost Pepper sauce that is Wow!

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