Review: Disney California Adventure Caramel Popcorn

I’ve made some great friends through this blog, and one of them sent me to Disneyland with a fantastic suggestion — “Get the Caramel Popcorn in DCA!” he said.

As it happens this caramel popcorn isn’t all that prevalent in Disneyland. From what I can gather, they only have it at Disney California Adventure, and only at two or three locations in the park! This one is by Mickey’s Fun Wheel on Paradise Pier. There’s also one by Soarin’ Over California.

Popcorn Stand by Mickeys Fun Wheel

Menu - click image for larger version

What else is interesting about this snack is that there isn’t a long process to adding the caramel after the popcorn has popped. They use a special contraption that pops the corn and adds the caramel all at one time! Genius!

Scooping Popcorn

Caramel Corn

This caramel corn starts with your favorite Disney popcorn — buttery kernels of fluffy white corn that we all know and love. Then slathers it in a thin layer of caramel for just the right amount of sweetness.

Caramel Corn by Menu

I purchased this corn with only a few minutes to snack on it — just to get the taste and flavor before heading over to another engagement. Well, don’t you know I ate almost half the container in about 5 minutes! It was amazing. Like nothing I’ve ever had before.

Caramel Corn by Fun Wheel

For those who want to know how this compares to Werther’s caramel corn in Epcot, it’s lighter — less sticky and sugary. I love both versions of Disney caramel corn (and sometimes sticky and sugary is where it’s at!), so I’m happy to say that I have a vice on both coasts… well, I think I’m happy to say that… :-)


  1. Brandy says

    We were at both DCA&DL this past Sunday & were hurrying out of DCA to feed the hungry kids(I really mean me since I NEEDED chimichanga)when we passed by the popcorn stand by Soarin. We had to get our son popcorn since he’s a popcorn fiend & after my husband had ordered it, I saw the sign for the caramel corn and you know my first thought “Oh AJ had said this was amazing,I should get some”. But alas, the chimichanga was calling my name and we couldn’t possibly get in line again ; ) And besides,my husband wanted to know who the heck AJ was and why is HE telling me what to eat(silly jealous hubby!)

  2. says

    Debra — You’ll LOVE it! I hope! ;-D

    Janna — To my knowledge, WDW does NOT do this caramel corn anywhere :-(

    Brandy — That’s hilarious!! Best story of the day!! I hope you get to try it sometime. Also, feel free to send over a review of that chimichanga!

  3. Anderson says

    Next time you need to try the caramel corn in DTD on the bridge between the Lego Store and the Jazz Kitchen.

    Seriously, it is the BEST.CARAMEL.CORN.EVER.PERIOD. and much better IMO than DCA’s

  4. Whitney says

    I absolutely LOVE the caramel popcorn in California Adventure! We always get it at the cart near Soarin’ Over California. Yum yum yum!!

  5. carolyn says

    I bought some (in souvenir bucket) and it was really good. Not terribly sticky or too sweet and, thankfully, not spongy. I will be making this my DCA food tradition from here on it! Highly recommend.

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