“You Won’t Believe This!” Snack: Cottontop Tamarin Cupcake

It’s been a while since we had a new cupcake for you, but this one’s a doozey!! (Is that how you spell “doozey?”)

You remember the White Chocolate Elephant cupcake and the Zebra cupcake, right? Well, joining its furry friends is the new Cottontop Tamarin cupcake at Kusafiri Bakery near Kilimanjaro Safaris in Harambe Village! You can also find this sweet treat at the Coffee Kiosk at the entrance to Discovery Island.

Cottontop Tamarin Cupcake -- Please excuse the rainy day photo

Pastry Chef Andreas Born blended both white and dark chocolate to create the cute (weird?) little Cottontop Taramin face. The mold sits atop a generous layer of butter cream. Underneath that is rich chocolate cake!

Cottontop Tamarin Cupcake -- Back

This thing is…phenomenal. On the day that I visited to sample this cupcake, it was pouring…POURING…rain. There were no tables around, so I was crouched in front of a chair taking photos. I snagged bites of the cupcake in between gusts of wind that blew my poncho over my face and turned my umbrella inside out. But I STILL loved this cupcake!

I mean, I should have been getting the heck out of there, right? It was a horrible day at the Animal Kingdom. But I was absolutely happy to squat there — taking yet another bite of what I consider to be the best buttercream frosting in all of Walt Disney World — in the midst of complete tropical storm chaos. It takes a special cupcake to make that worth it, my friends, and this one will do it!

There’s no filling in the cupcake, which is a bit of a downer, but, frankly, there’s enough going on up top to compensate. That said, the cake part of this cupcake is moist and delicious — you cake-not-frosting lovers are going to be happy with this one. Though, it might not be worth the cost if you’re just going to eat the cake part…

Inside of the Cottontop Tamarin Cupcake

So, let me heartily recommend yet another Disney cupcake. The Cottontop is a good one to try — and don’t forget to take that chocolate tamarin home with you to eat later!

(By the way, remember our little freak-out over the missing cupcakes? No worries; the cupcakes are securely back on the menu at Kusafiri. Just be sure to visit after 11:30am to be sure to get your sweet treat.)

Kusafiri Bakery Menu -- click for larger image

Make sure to check out the other cupcakes in our You Won’t Believe This! Snack Series! Which ones have you tried?


  1. Brandy says

    Added to our cupcake crawl list ; ) Soooo glad we’re gonna have 104 snack credits to use!! The Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks is reeeealy gonna come in handy!!

  2. Karen says

    I just got home from WDW last night (boohoo) and I purchased the Tamarin cupcake for my mom and the Elephant for me. The Tamarin I got was much bigger than the one pictured. The whipped cream on top was towering over the cupcake; you won’t be disappointed!!

  3. marcellina says

    see, that’s my complaint about cupcakes/cake.. the cake part is usually dry and flavorless and people think they can make up for it with super sweet icing, which I don’t even like! I’m usually not a cake/cupcake kinda person but the cake on this sounds good! I guess I could get this in February since my sister will be with me and she can eat all of the frosting! (maybe I’ll just have a taste of it! lol).

  4. Wendy Darling says

    I had one of these last month, and it was my favorite cupcake of the trip! Even if there are other cupcakes in WDW that have better flavor, that huge chocolate cottontop tamarin head made it for me. I hope they continue this trend with other animals – I want to eat a chocolate bat!

  5. Elizabeth says

    I had one of these a couple of months ago and HOLY SUGAR OVERLOAD! It was yummy, but at least to me was way too much for one person!

    I still think my favorite cupcake has been the “hamburger” from the Main Street Bakery…not so much icing and the cookie “fries” were sweet without being overwhelming. Of course, I split that with another person as well!

  6. Essie says

    So now I know about the Cotton Top Tamarin cupcake. Really, how many cupcakes can one person carry home on a plane from WDW to the Mid-Atlantic states? Well, I’ll find out this November and get back to you on it. As for your dedication in that terrible rainstorm, it was very commendable. If you ever want a back up volunteer, I’m here for you. :)

  7. Donna says

    We had that cupcake today, except it had a rich chocolate frosting with dark chocolate shaving on top. It was so rich and delicious my daughter and I shared it, and we were barely able to finish it…but don’t worry, we did!

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