Disney World Free Dining Available Through September 2012 For International Guests

Thanks to Laura for the fun tip that guests booking from Latin America now have the option to choose a Disney World Free Dining package through September 2012!

Info About Free Dining From the Canadian DisneyWorld.com page

USA residents are still only allowed to book Free Dining through March 2012. But Disney long ago released Free Dining through November 2012 for UK guests and now offers Free Dining from August 19-September 29, 2012, in addition to the dates listed here, for guests from Canada and Latin America.

Canada Free Dining Dates Now Show Aug-Sep 2012 Dates

Latin American DisneyWorld.com website mentions Aug-Sep 2012 Free Dining Dates

Is this a harbinger for Free Dining in the Fall of 2012 for USA residents? What do you think?


  1. says

    It’s quite frustrating that they only offer the QS Dining Plan. I just don’t know anyone who would use that. It’s like “take a vacation; take a vacation from cutlery!”

  2. Adrianna Palermo says

    I heard that T-REX, Rainforest Cafe and Yak & Yeti will all be on the Disney Dining Plans next year!!!

  3. says

    Becca — I didn’t realize that it was just quick service; I thought it was the regular plan for mods and deluxes. No kidding!

    Adrianna — Sounds great! I hope that’s true!

  4. Christie McGuire Struck says

    I would rather have the quick service — so many choices and you can never eat all the food of a table service meal! Plus, the timing of having to be in the right spot for reservations…yep, I would be thrilled with quick service!

  5. Michele says

    Disney is an American Icon, yet they are only offering Free Dining to other countries and not our own. They can afford to do this…no wonder our countries economy is bad. Shame on you Disney :(

  6. says

    Michele — Usually Disney releases free dining for the US later on — just because it’s not out yet doesn’t mean it won’t be :-)

  7. Michele says

    AJ – Thank you for letting me know. I did not know that. I am so looking forward to going this year….Great news :)

  8. Heather Adamczak says

    Does anyone think they will offer free dining for us in the US? I am going Sept 16th thru the 22nd and would love to have that as a perk. I am hoping and praying for it.

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