Review: Guylian Chocolates at the Food and Wine Festival Belgium Booth

If you have a sweet tooth like me and you’re in Epcot right now, head over to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival Belgium Booth for an awesome treat!

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Seashell Truffles at the Belgium Booth

The Guylian seashell truffles are new at the booth this year, and I love the addition. I’ve been a huge fan of these truffles since I was at University in the UK (way back in the 90’s ;-D), when I would save my pence to buy a little box of these yummy seashell-shaped, hazelnut-chocolate flavored treats for myself whenever I could. So I was pretty excited to see them added to the menu, giving the Belgium booth a sweet dessert.

So, let me try to describe to you what these chocolates are like. Basically, you’ve got the visual aspect of these gorgeous, swirled chocolate truffles that are all perfectly molded to seascape perfection.

Guylian Assorted Chocolates

Then, inside, you bite into a smooth, whipped-but-firm truffle texture with a slight bit of hazelnut flavor and a burst of chocolate. (If you like Nutella, you’ll like these!) They melt on your tongue, but have enough substance to not be “liquid-y” as you eat them.

Guylian Dark Chocolate cross section

These are an appropriately-sized, delicious indulgence that compliment the rest of the Belgium food booths menu items very well. Order them with the Godiva chocolate coffee for a double dose of sweet!

If you’ve tried Guylian truffles at the festival or at home, let us know what you think in the comments!

As I mentioned in my Party for the Senses review, Guylian Chocolates was kind enough to sponsor my tickets for the Party. Thanks again to Guylian for the opportunity to go to Party for the Senses and for the chance to write about a product I already knew and loved!


  1. Minniemoo says

    I love Guylain chocolates, especially the seashells. They are a must every year in our house at Christmas time. Living in the UK, they aren’t very expensive here either. In fact, I am going to reach for one right now!

  2. John B says

    This was the first time I ever tried these. LOVED THEM. I was going to go back for seconds, but then got them as a free sample after the 3D party. I would buy them again, for sure! Loved the color and shape, so unlike most truffles. And don’t forget the price! I think it was only $1.75 for 2, one of the best priced items at F&W.

  3. Brandy says

    I’ll totally have to keep my eye out for these! We love all things chocolatey&hazelnutty(Baci,Nutella,etc)and I know my kids would DIE over the sea themed numminess!

  4. Paula B. says

    Good to know, I’m a chocolate truffle afficionado and have seen the Guylian brand but had never tried them.

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