House of Blues Crossroads Menu Comes to WDW’s Downtown Disney in December

Thanks to Andy Jackson over at Eating (and Drinking) Around the World for sending over the photo below!

Celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez is leaving his mark on the House of Blues chain of restaurants by introducing his new “Crossroads” menu, a fusion of food representing “music, love, art, and spirituality.”

A Crossroads menu was introduced in Disneyland’s House of Blues this summer, and the above announcement notes that a Crossroads menu will be moving into Disney World’s House of Blues restaurant in December, 2011.

While we’re not certain they’re the same exact menu, the new menu in Disneyland keeps HoB favorites like jambalaya, and adds new signature dishes including shrimp and grits, short rib meatball sliders, hand stretched grilled flatbreads, chile braised short ribs, and street tacos. Guest favorites like cornbread, pulled pork sandwiches, and signature burgers will still be on the menu, but will be updated.

Hand-Stretched Flatbreads at House of Blues Crossroads

Check out the full Disneyland Crossroads menu here at All Ears. There’s no telling if the Disney World menu will be slightly different, or if it will incorporate the same changes.

My fingers are crossed that my white chocolate bread pudding stays on the dessert menu! What do you hope the restaurant keeps serving?


  1. says

    AMEN! This restaurant menu needed a revamp for sure. So excited to try out the shrimp and grits. I hope they switch out their iced tea too. The one they have served for the past few years tastes like dirt. Hope they keep the cornbread…its divine!

  2. Alan says

    Nice news. I always like to see restaurants revamp their menu, even though we occasionally lose a favorite or two. The sample menu above seems a little friendlier to my pickey eater so this will be a definite stop on our next trip. We sort have avoided it the last few years.

    It’s also good to see a another celeb chef making a showing at WDW. I hope to see a few more whenever the Disney folks get around to re-doing DTD. They are wasting time right now.

  3. Gary Krawchuk says

    My family & I did not like anything we were served, from a steak to the jambalaya & chicken

  4. John Gilliam says

    WOW! I’ve never heard of a restaurant totally sabotaging a successful menu like they have done here. It’s sad to see the beginning of the end of what was one of our families favorite vacation destinations. The atmosphere is southern, bluesy, back woods, and bayou… The new menu is like a new york cullinary student trying to impress on his mid term exam Or something. Horrible concoctions. We will never be back.

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