New! Waffle Sandwiches at Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow

You heard me right! Waffle sandwiches!!!

But before we go off on a tangent, let’s start at the beginning…

Sleepy Hollow, the small counter-service location in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Liberty Square, has long offered some of our favorite snacks, including the large Mickey-shaped waffles (one of the last places you could get these!), and the filling and delicious chicken and wild rice soup.

We’ve heard through the grapevine (Thanks, Laurie!) that the menu has changed significantly and asked one of our colleagues, Brooke Fehr from, to investigate during her recent WDW visit!

New Waffle Sandwiches

The new menu at Sleepy Hollow has introduced what we think will be a new Disney food classic — waffle sandwiches. And these are true waffle sandwiches — as in a giant waffle with stuff crammed into it, then folded over!

There are three new offerings: A sweet and spicy chicken waffle and a ham, prosciutto, and Swiss cheese waffle, both for $6.99; and a Nutella and fresh fruit waffle for $5.59. None of these are currently listed for a snack credit.

Here’s Brooke’s report:
“The waffles were huge. Both sandwiches were full-sized, round waffles, folded in half with the filling in the middle. Think ‘waffle taco.’ While neither sandwich came with any sides, they were more than enough food for a heavy snack or meal. They were served in those tiny baskets, so they were a bit top heavy and awkward since the sandwiches were much larger than the baskets.

These were your typical WDW breakfast waffle — malty, slightly sweet, and freshly made. No leftover waffles here. In fact, both sandwiches, not just the waffles, were freshly made.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich
East meets West in this twist on the fried chicken and waffles classic. This waffle incorporates a large, batter-fried chicken breast, doused in a sweet and spicy Asian sauce, and topped with creamy coleslaw and fresh arugula.

The sauce had some warmth; the pepper lingered in my mouth, but it wasn’t unpleasant. I didn’t have a drink, and eating the sandwich didn’t cause me to run for one. I’d rate the spice factor as mild to medium.

This sandwich, like the ham, prosciutto, and Swiss version, is only available from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich
Again, huge. The full-sized waffle is pulled off of the iron and slathered generously with Nutella, a chocolate-hazelnut spread. It’s then topped with a large serving of fruit — in my case, banana slices, strawberry slices, and blueberries.

The fruit is fresh (although the strawberries did seem to be in a very light syrup), and there was easily more than a cup of fruit on the sandwich. Again, delicious, and perfect for breakfast for one hungry person. Enough for a couple of people to share as a snack. This one is available all day.”

Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Other Menu Changes

We’re sorry to report that some of our favorites have now been taken off of the menu to make way for the waffle sandwiches. The chicken and wild rice soup and the large Mickey-head waffles can no longer be purchased here at Sleepy Hollow. :-(

You can see the New Menu and Old Menu side by side here (click for larger images):

Sleepy Hollow Menu as of 11-12-11

Old Sleepy Hollow Menu

I’m happy that they’ve kept the ice cream cookie sandwiches on the menu!! I’d be very sad to see those go…

What new items do you hope to try on your next visit to Sleepy Hollow? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. marcellina says

    I’ve never had chicken and waffles before but have been curious to try it.. what better place than WDW? I think I’d have to try all three though cause the ham, prosciutto, and swiss sounds amazing and anything with Nutella is a must do! I’m so excited to try this in February!

  2. AFoodie says

    Chicken & waffles at WDW — go figure!!! I like that they took an Asian spin with it. I would LOVE to taste all three of these!

  3. Kat says

    So sad to hear the Mickey-head waffles are gone, but this sounds amazing! Plan on trying the sweet and spicy chicken waffle when I go in December.

  4. Anastasia says

    The Mickey waffles are gone? So the sandwiches use just round waffles? That’s too bad. I’d love a Mickey waffle sandwich…. :(

  5. Howard says

    Didn’t they also carry Caramel or Kettle Corn too? I remember introducing my Brazilian roommate to the amazing stuff at Sleepy Hollow. Can you find them anywhere anymore?

  6. melissa sue says

    marcellina: if you want to do chicken and waffles at WDW, head over to Ft. Wilderness for lunch at Trail’s End. They do chicken and waffles RIGHT!!

  7. says

    Howard — No more caramel corn for a while now :-(

    Marcelling and Melissa — Agreed! Love the Trail’s End chicken and waffles!! You can see a pic in our recent Trail’s End review.

  8. Evan says

    Had the chicken one for lunch yesterday. It was pretty good and was very filling…the photos here don’t lie about the size. That being said, I would have liked the chicken as just a sandwich because the waffle put it over the top for me. Was good to try, but I don’t know if I would get it again just because of how much stuff there is going on (look at me saying something at Disney was too much).

  9. marcellina says

    Evan.. I was thinking that too. A waffle can be so filling on it’s own not to mention a big hunk of chicken in there as well AND coleslaw… maybe I’d get this just to sample it and share it with someone. Thanks Melissa Sue and AJ about the Trail’s End tip.. I’ll have to check it out! ;)

  10. anderson says

    These look super amazing…and it looks reasonably priced too.

    We need these on the west coast, now!

  11. Erin Foster says

    If they’d pop a scoop of ice cream on that fruit/Nutella one, that would be something special.

  12. kathleena says

    The fruit and nutella one sounds great, but I’m still stuck in the past and miss the warm apple cobbler with ice cream! Loved getting one of those before a parade!

  13. Heather says

    Of course the Mickey large waffle is gone just as I planned to get it next month for breakfast! I may try the fruit waffle sandwich instead, though! Maybe it’s just me, but the other sandwiches seem a bit disgusting.

  14. Drew says

    Looks like someone got wind of the hugely successful new restaurant concept in SoCal called Bruxie – – and their waffle sandwiches are divine! Why did WDW have to wait till 2 weeks after my trip to bring these babies out? I am continually impressed by Foods at WDW and how they trounce all over DLR’s comparatively pathetic restaurant operations. You’d think DLR would be the ones to be adventurous. Kudos to WDW for bringing in a great new concept.

  15. Emma says

    Oh… Em… Gee… I’m a Cast Member and it’s my day off tomorrow. A fruit and Nutella waffle sandwich is CLEARLY in my future! AND I HAVE A DISNEY GIFT CARD. It’s fate!

  16. jill says

    I love a waffle, but that chicken rice soup was real good! Last trip my husband and I split a soup and a baked potato for a great lunch and only 2 snack credits! And a bonus we ate it in The Columbia Harbor House! I’m going to miss you soup! … but Nutella is yummy!

  17. Pudge the Fish says

    I’m happy to see that Disney resisted the urge to add Craisins to the Nutella and Fruit Waffle-wich. As a non-fan of raisin/craisins I’m don’t care for that corporate partnership too much. :)

  18. Canada68 says

    Hmmm…neither of those sandwiches sounds appealing to me….why couldn’t they leave the Mickey waffles on the menu as well? I mean, it is the Magic Kingdom! I think the plain Mickey waffle was more kid friendly, too. Waffle ‘sandwiches’ sound like a fad to me….bring back my Mickey Head waffle please !!!

  19. TraciLynn2005 says

    Oh, no– Ipromised my son a Mickey Waffle for our Jan Trip here. He is going to e so disappointed! He is a Mickey waffle freak but the rest of the family are not breakfast people. :(

  20. catherine says

    Love the chicken sandwich. The review doesn’t say anything about mayonnaise but I would like to know if there is mayonnaise or any flavor of mayonnaise. I hate mayonnaise.

  21. says

    I don’t know how I didn’t know about waffle sandwiches until a few months ago. I recently was introduced to them through a local food truck and I’m a now a fan. Those particular waffle sandwiches do look especially amazing!

  22. says

    Chicken in a Waffle? I did not even know this was a possibility but looking at one right now it has leapt to the top of my ‘to eat’ list for next June/July. It’s the snack food options and counter services rather than the sit down meals that excite me the most, so this looks oh so enticing. I really should not read the DFB at midnight

  23. Jenn says

    Thanks for the tip on these sandwiches! Tried the chicken waffle and the nutella waffle this weekend. Both were great but the nutella waffle was AMAZING. They even asked us how we knew about them because they are brand new. :)

  24. Samantha says

    Had the ham, prosciutto, and swiss waffle sandwich and it is amazing. It was defiantly big enough for two people to share, but does anyone know the sauce they put on it or what is in it?

  25. Cynthia says

    Tried all three waffle sandwiches on the 27th of Dec, they were great. The three sandwiches were made fresh while I waited in line. The three sandwiches were shared between four people and we had trouble finishing. We were stuffed! Can’t wait to have another in April!

  26. WDWCanFan says

    This would be really nice if this could be used as a counter service meal option!
    A waffle sandwich + drink + dessert! Fabulous!
    Is it? Can it? Will it?

  27. WDWCanFan says

    –> “SNACKS ONLY” is how it is apparently/currently listed.
    I hope that it can change!

  28. Joy says

    Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of trying the chicken and waffle sandwich. Surprisingly my unadventurous husband spotted it on the menu and decided to give it a try. This sandwich is heavenly. It’s a fairly large sandwich so we shared. It is also a good value. We absolutely loved it and we can’t stop talking about it. I would like to see more food like this on the menu.

  29. says

    We were there a couple weeks ago and read about the waffle sandwiches and had to try them. They were sooo good! The Chicken & Waffle sandwich was awesome – it had a Thai spin to it with a kick of heat! Of course we had to try they Nutella and Fruit one as well…amazing! My parents had the Ham & Prosciutto one and loved it as well! Best part about it, kept us full all day and they were only $7! Can’t wait to go back and eat there again – highly recommend to anyone going to the Magic Kingdom!!

  30. Carla says

    We just went to WDW a couple of weeks ago, and our favorite dish out of the entire trip were the Chicken Wafflesandwiches! Absolutely amazing! If anyone has a recipe close to this, we would LOVE to have it.

    Please… with sugar on top?

  31. Kevin says

    I’m commenting 2.5 years late, but I just had the chicken waffle sandwich for the first time and absolutely loved it! That was my favorite CS dish of the trip.

  32. Scott says

    A few visits ago we had worked ourselves up for lunch and were drooling over the thought of the chicken waffle sandwich.

    Only learned upon our arrival it had been discontinued the previous few days before our arrival.

    I am ecstatic to learn that this sandwich is back. Albeit smaller and more expensive. Our meal plan will cover it nicely. Thank you WDW!

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