Dining in Disneyland: New Recipe Request Forms Pop Up in Disneyland

Thanks to our friend Lynnette Johnson, we were alerted to a new way of requesting recipes at Disneyland! On a recent trip to the Carnation Cafe, Lynnette asked for a recipe and was handed one of these from Chef Oscar himself!

Food & Beverage Recipe Request Form

This is the first form we have seen and it is specific to the Carnation Cafe.  It does say “Walt Disney Parks & Resorts” so, it leads me to believe that they are available throughout all of Disney’s parks.

From the looks of the form, there seems to be no guarantee that you will get the recipe that you ask for, and they add a disclaimer that the recipes have been converted from large batches to small ones for home kitchen use.  So basically if the dish doesn’t come out the exact way it tasted at Disney, that’s your problem, not theirs!

Personally, I liked when Chef Oscar wrote down the recipe by hand and gave it to you on the spot, but I do see how these could come in handy.  Have you filled out a Food & Beverage Recipe Request Form yet? If so, I’m wondering what the time frame on a response is?  I think I might have to fill one out for myself during my next visit, you know, in the name of journalism!

Thank you to Lynnette for sharing.  She’s in the parks on a regular basis, you can follow her fun times on Twitter at @Lynnet_te


  1. says

    I can tell you right now I would’ve filled out dozens of these and if anyone gets the Tandoori shrimp from Sanaa I hope you email it to me too ;)

  2. says

    Thanks for posting this, Heather! Next time you get a chance, I would love for you to give this system a whirl. In my past experience, when you’d ask for the recipe, they would either give you a pre-printed card or tell you the recipe was “not available”. I never got a hand-written recipe from Chef Oscar- What a treasure that would be!

    I wonder if the disclaimer is to prevent inept home chefs from barraging Disney with complaints that their versions of the dishes don’t taste as yummy as the meal they had in the park?

  3. Barbara says

    I used one of these forms at O’Hana this summer, and within 2 days the recipe was in my email in-box! I asked for their wonderful salad dressing recipe!

  4. says

    Melissa — Noted!! :-)

    Bill White — Agreed on the treasure of a hand-written recipe from Chef Oscar! I wish I’d gotten one of those!

    Barbara — Thanks for the note that these are indeed in use in WDW as well! What a great experience you had!

  5. Shellyfish says

    Is there a way to request a recipe from home? I don’t live near the parks and sadly I don’t have plans to visit anytime soon.

  6. Shellyfish says

    Thanks Heather, I hope there is a way. I seem to remember reading somewhere that someone requested a recipe and they mailed it to them on nice decorative paper. That was a long time ago, and I can’t seem to find the reference. In the meantime, if you come across the Santa Rosa Corn Chowder recipe from the Pacific Wharf Cafe, please do share.

  7. Evelyn says

    Got some great recipes when we dined at Saana. Had the vegetarian sampler and asked for the recipes. They were brought with the check.
    Do you know of other restaurants in the parks that have vegetarian options?

  8. Denise says

    I just recently came back from a visit from Disney and was able to fill out the form at O’hana. A couple of days past by and didn’t receive anything so I decided to call. The forms are handled thru guest services via email and take some time to receive (or maybe I’m just not having any luck). If anyone has received the Ohana breakfast bread and bread pudding recipe from the restaurant, please send it to me. Thanks!

  9. Denise says

    @Brooke : I actually I was directed to the Disney food blog by a Disney member today… Will be looking to try it soon but would like to do it with the Ohana breakfast bread (which I’m pretty sure is how it’s made in the restaurant)

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