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  1. Pam Dyer says

    I have been to Disney World & Disney Land several times in the past 27 years. My husband introduced me to the World as an add on to a cruise on our honeymoon. We & our children are now Disney addicts.
    The recipe request form is a fabulous idea as I have bought all your cookbooks & have wanted certain recipes & have not been able to find them.
    My question, can you request recipes from home with these forms, or do you have to be in the park?
    Thanks in advance for your reply,
    Pam Dyer

  2. DFB Sarah says

    Diane, we don’t have a Satu’li Canteen Cheeseburger Pod recipe, but that dough is similar to a bao dough (steamed bread, basically). If you find a good recipe for bao, you might be able to cut out large circles, fill with a burger/toppings mixture, twist up, and steam them to approximate the Pods. If you want to reach out to Disney directly to request it, you can try the phone number for non-Reservations questions on the Disney World Web site. Hope this helps!

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