Disney Food History: Vintage Donald Duck Eats n’ Treats

Sometimes Disney food pops up in the strangest places.

This past Saturday, I took the D23 Disney Studios Tour. And the highlight of the tour was definitely walking into the archives room to see Disney historian Dave Smith himself standing there waiting to give us a personal tour of the room.

The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA

Highlights of the archives included holding the very first Disneyland entrance ticket, being among the first to look up close at the original story book for Steamboat Willie, and holding one of Walt Disney’s Oscars.  WOW, what a treat.

Holding Disneyland's Very 1st Entrance Ticket #000001

Disney Archivist, Dave Smith, shows us the original Steamboat Willie Script

After being in awe of all the amazing things in this room, I spotted something definitely worth sharing here on the DFB: Donald Duck food and drink items!

Donald Duck Food Line History

I couldn’t believe all of food this duck used to hawk! Apparently, Donald was one of the most licensed Disney characters of his time.

Sadly, the only official “Donald Duck” items that remain on the market today are Donald Duck Orange Juice and Donald Duck Grapefruit Juice, both of which can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Donald Duck Orange Juice

I couldn’t believe the range of products that Donald used to represent.  Everything from Nabisco’s “Cheese Quackers” (this should for sure be brought back to market!) to root beer, broccoli, and the most bizarre in my opinion, Donald Duck Flounder Fillets!

Nabisco's Cheese Quackers & Donald Duck Flounder Fillets

Lime Cola, Root Beer, Frozen Fruit, Veggies & Even Mayonnaise!

Lime Cola & Root Beer Close Up

Cheese Quackers & Fillet Close Up Along with Canned Popcorn, Canned Grapefruit, Sandwich Spread & Peanut Butter!

Nabisco Cheese Quackers Close Up

Donald Duck Sandwich Spread & Peanut Butter Close Up

Donald Duck Bread & Food Program Information

Donald Duck Sherbet Close Up

I would love a big bowl of Donald Duck Sherbet right now, how about you?

Have you ever seen any of these old Donald-licensed items? Have you sampled Donald Duck Orange Juice? Leave us your reviews and thoughts in the comments section below!

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. TinkyMurph says

    This was a super neat read. I was born in 1974 and I only remember the Donald Duck orange juice. May check out amazon and get some to bring along on our Dec. trip. Thanks again, Heather.

  2. says

    I’m so jealous of that tour you went on! I loved this article because I totally remember Donald Duck OJ. My dad used to work for Imangineering, and while they were building California Adventure (the first time around) they set up temporary offices on the construction grounds. My sister and I went with him once to the office and they had a mini fridge stuffed full of Donald Duck Orange Juice! If I remember correctly, it was pretty good!

  3. Erin Foster says

    So cool! Now that I’m reminded of it, I too remember the DD juice. Heading over to Amazon now. What a great treat to speak with Dave Smith!

  4. Heather Sievers says

    @TinkyMurph – I was born in 1974 too, my grandma used to buy Donald Duck OJ! I remember the commercial for it. Remember this?

    @Erin – It was so awesome to meet him!

    @Patty – Good to know, thanks for sharing!

    @Marcellina – Guess Donald is sort of like David Hasselhoff, big in Germany! ; )

  5. Emma says

    Really cool stuff! Of course, I can only focus on the apostrophe abuse at the end now! The decade was the 1950s, Disney, not the 1950’s!

  6. says

    I love everything vintage! I was born in 74 but in France so I do not recall any of these DD goodies. This collection reminds me of the Coca Cola memorabilia at their museum…

  7. canadianslovewdw says

    i would like a couple cans of that rootbeer, it would like nice on my fire place mantle

  8. James (aka Disneynorth) says

    I’m a former Coke memorabilia collector and I actually own some of those Donald bottles. They are really cool. You can usually find some of the bottles on eBay. There is also a promo cardboard sign from back in the day, which the archives probably have and glasses that go along with the beverages. AJ, looks like I have another article to write for you: Disney and beverage memorabilia.

  9. says

    Emma — Ha! Poor Disney! :-(

    Savorique — I know we have some more Vintage stuff coming up from our visit to the D23 Expo! Stay tuned!

    Canadians — How long could you go without drinking it?!

    James — Yessir!!!!! More old fashion-dy James posts, please!

  10. Allie B.C. says

    Being a huge fan of Donald Duck, I wish a lot of this stuff would make a comeback. Lime soda? Awesomeness! I have a vague memory of those flavored ice pops that had Disney characters on them, like Otter Pops, and I think Donald was on lime. I believe Goofy was on orange.

  11. Kendra says

    I remember getting the Donald Duck orange juice out of a vending machine at the Sheraton World in about 1979, my second trip to WDW.

  12. bill miller says

    I just purchased at a garage sale today two DD bread wrappers. they are in very good condition for their age. One white bread and one wheat bread wrapper. The white bread wrapper was quite short and advertised that the bread was sliced on the wrapper. The person who sold them had even re-wrapped the wrappers around loaf sized pieces of foam so they resemble two loaves of bread once again! It was a fun find and they both only cost $4!

  13. says

    I was born in 1944 and remember going to a Disney movie where they afterwards passed out pint-size loaves of Donald Duck bread to all the attendees – mostly kids. I wanted my parents to buy more, but they didn’t believe in Donald Duck like I did.

  14. Joan Cleator says

    I used to work for a firm of food importers in Liverpool. We couldn’t get enough of Donald Duck Grapefruit Segments. They only came into the country on License.

  15. Mr. Carey Craig says

    To whom it may concern: I happened upon your website by accident and I am glad I did. While growing up in the 50’s I well remember the ” Donald Duck Bread Man” in his truck that would come around to our neighborhood on a regular basis. I remember at one point in those times that there was a contest that went like this, everyone playing was given a contest board with empty squares to fill in ( THE DONALD DUCK BREADMAN HANDED THESE OUT). The idea was that during the contest , Donald Duck Bread was made with DIFFERENT WRAPPER SEALS on either end of the loaf of bread. There were about 30 different Wrapper Seals to collect and put on the Board. Once you collected all the different wrapper seals your board would be filled . The first person to collect all the seals won the BIG PRIZE, which was to my best recollection a REAL LIVE PONY. I did not win the contest but I do remember them publishing a notice when a person did win. This is my memory of Donald Duck bread and those times.

  16. says

    Mr. Carey Craig — We’re so thrilled that you found us, and thank you for sharing your wonderful memories with us! Please enjoy Disney Food Blog, and let us know how you like what you’re reading!

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