“You Know You’re Dining in Disney When…” Part Two!

We freely admit that our first “You Know You’re Eating in Disney World When…” post amused us so much that we had to do a Part 2! After all, where else can we dine with a beloved mouse in the kitchen!

Our “You know you’re eating in Disney World when…” thoughts were bountiful, and we’d love to hear yours too! Who knows…there may just have to be a third post in the series!

Leave us a comment with your personal “You know you’re eating in Disney World or Disneyland when…” experience! ;-)

You Know You’re Dining In Disney When…

Your beverage glows in the dark!

Disney's Blue Glow-Tini

You find it appropriate to have your server correct your manners (and, frankly, get kind of annoyed when they don’t!).

Take your elbows off the table!

You order ketchup and have multiple bottles delivered to your table by a dozen patrons seated near you.

Whispering Canyon Cafe Ketchup Delivery

There’s a train passing over your head while you’re eating…indoors…and you’re OK with that.

Monorail and Contemporary

You can have your meal in Mexico and your dessert in Germany, but you don’t have to get on a plane.

World Showcase in Epcot

You’ve taken to saying “all you care to eat” and “on select days” when tweaking your trip plans.

Disney Buffet

You made your meal reservations three months before booking your hotel room.

Screen Shot of Online Advanced Dining Reservations System

You encourage your kids to make noise, sing, and parade around the room while dining out.

A Duck leads a Kid Parade

You’re seated in a multi-colored ice cave with a meteor shower next door.

Ice Cave at T-Rex

And, last but not least… Everyone knows not to take a bite until you take a picture of the food!

Food Photos!

Share your own “You Know You’re Dining in Disney When…” stories with us in the comments below!

Ketchup photo courtesy EdenPictures, creative commons, flickr.


  1. says

    I noticed last week that the ketchup bottles at Whispering Canyon are now the inverted plastic squeeze style and they appeared to be on most if not all the tables during our lunch.

  2. Marc says

    You know you’re dining at Disney when you…hop two busses and walk half a mile just to wait outside for an hour before dining in the campgrounds.

  3. says

    Marc — Ha! Great point!

    Scott — Thanks for the update! Bummer about the squeeze bottles! They’ve largely stopped the WCC antics during lunch now. Our lunch there in May was rather tame as well. Breakfast and dinner are where it’s at! ;-)

  4. Katie says

    Bummer – spoiler about the ketchup! [Going to Whispering Canyon for first time next month.] Great article – brought a smile to my face. I definitely agree with making dining reservations before hotel (booked dining in September, booked hotel yesterday). Glad we all have priorities. :)

  5. Alan says

    You know you’re dining at Disney when the adult beverages are so good…you forget to order food.

  6. Kim LaPaglia says

    Alan – ROFL!! It’s all about quenching your thirst too!

    Deej – Good one!

    Thanks for adding to our list. Great fun! :-)

  7. Courtney says

    Instead of planning where you will eat depending on where you are, you are planning where you are on where you eat!

  8. Kristi says

    You know you are dining in Disney when you don’t actually get to eat because you are too busy taking pictures of your kids with characters lol

  9. Holly says

    You know you’re Dining at Disney when you make special trips on your night off from working to the parks, just so you can enjoy pineapple ice cream with pineapple juice and watch the fireworks–never mind riding any rides or watching any other shows!

    (I might have done that a couple of times during my College Program, only the Dole Whips were interchanged with Pumpkin Fudge!)

  10. Krizia says

    You know you are eating in Disney World when…

    you’re rushing to finish your ribs b/c the Festival of the Lion King down the road is starting in 10 min. and you want to sit in the LIONS section because the last 6 times you went, it was full and you had to sit in the elephant, giraffe or warthog section, which you have to admit is just not as cool.

  11. Shayne says

    The last one made me laugh out loud. My immediate family is now well trained about not digging in until I’ve taken all my photos. But on our next trip, we’re traveling with my parents and in-laws — I’ll have to remember to warn them in advance! I’m even bringing my 50mm lens with me, specifically for the food porn.

  12. Christi says

    You know you’re dining in Disney when…

    a rat follows your food out of the kitchen…and you’re OK with that.

    (Remy at Le Chefs de France)

  13. Emily Alice says

    Thank you for putting tht last one about not eating until taking a photo, my family think im strange for taking pictures of food in Disney but it has to be done! Lol. Im quite proud of my food photo collection over the years! Haha

  14. Carol Villarreal says

    You know you’re dining at Disney when your buffet dinner (or any dinner) takes at least 2 hours, and you’re still not in a rush to leave.

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