Ariel and Jack Sparrow Kids’ Cup Glow Lights to Debut

Word on the Disney Streets is that two new glowing Disney character lights will be appearing at the Disneyland Resort this holiday season. Both Ariel and a Pirates of the Caribbean Skull that is being called “Jack Sparrow” will make their debut at Ariel’s Grotto very soon.

These two new character lights will be clipped, as usual, to the “Glowing Character Punch” that is served in a souvenir cup for $6.99.

Buzz Lightyear Glowing Character Punch

Other Characters that are currently available throughout the parks include Buzz Lightyear, Tinker Bell, Lightening McQueen, and although he’s often hard to find, Captain Hook.

We know these will be coming in Disneyland, but aren’t yet sure if they’ll be mirrored in Disney World.

Do you collect these “Glowing Characters?” I know I’ve got a few hidden in drawers around my house!

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  1. Skyler says

    I have all of them except the Lightning McQueen. I have generally got these at the Blue Bayou. My last visit I found out that they also have them at the Paradise Pier Resort’s Disney’s PCH Grill. They had the cup for cars but did not have Lightning McQueen. While wearing “Jack Sparrow” around the park a couple approached me and said that they handed them out at Club 33 as well, but the club has a nice entry fee as well.

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