First Look!: Disney’s Soda Fountain Muppets “Rainbow Connection” Sundae

I’m currently working on a very fun post about a fabulous Muppet Party going on at Disney’s Soda Fountain in honor of the new Muppets movie release.  However, I couldn’t wait to share a tasty treat that is being offered in honor of my favorite frog and pig.

Disney's Soda Fountain in Hollywood

The gorgeous Rainbow Connection Sundae is currently available at Disney’s Soda Fountain and will remain available throughout the movie’s run (Nov 23rd- Jan 8th) next door at the El Capitan theater.

Rainbow Connection Table Top Signage

The “official” description of the sundae is Luscious vanilla ice cream surrounded by strawberry syrup, caramel, and a marshmallow rainbow. My personal description: a sundae cup full of happiness.  I mean, I was smiling from ear to ear as soon as it was placed in front of me.

Try to not smile when this is sitting in front of you....

My boys had taken a trip to the restroom upon delivery, so I was completely prepared to dig in without them!  I, personally, am not a huge chocolate fan (Gasp! I know, I get that alot), so when I read that the Rainbow Connection was vanilla based, I knew it was my kind of treat.  I’m also not a huge strawberry syrup fan, but in this case, it was not at all too sweet or overpowering.  I am, however, a caramel and marshmallow lover, and both of those yummy flavors won out the strawberry for me!

Rainbow Connection Close Up

After taking  20+ photos (no joke) of this beauty I didn’t want to jam my spoon directly into the dish because I knew I’d mess up the pretty rainbow that was making me so happy to stare at.  But then I remembered that my boys would be back from the restroom at any second and my chance for solo bites would be over.  So I did it, and it was very much worth the destruction of the rainbow.  I got about 3-4 spoonfuls in before my peaceful enjoyment was over.

You can see the colors mixing, sad but delicious!

The Calm Before the Storm (of children)

And then…. they arrived and conquered.  My boys finished up the Rainbow Connection that I had been enjoying in about 60 seconds flat.

After the Storm (of children)

Overall, I was really impressed with both the presentation and flavor.  My only complaint involves sharing and my poor decision to do so.  I’m really hoping to get back up to Disney’s Soda Fountain again before this magical treat disappears because I want my own; and next time, I’m not going to share!

The Rainbow Connection Sundae can be all yours $6.95, and to quote Kermie himself, “It’s for the lovers, the dreamers, and ME!”

Have you ever seen a more beautiful concoction? Are you planning on making a trip to Disney’s Soda Fountain for a Rainbow Connection?

A big thanks to Disney’s Soda Fountain for hosting me and introducing me to the Rainbow Connection Sundae, what a treat, literally!

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. says

    A “sundae cup full of happiness” yes but i wonder what the marshmallow rainbow was made of. There are a few food coloring out there that state quite unpleasant.

  2. Heather says

    @JoAnn- It’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever eaten!

    @Savorique- It was colored marshmallow sauce, I’d guess that Disney is very careful with what they put in their guests’ food. And the amount of marshmallow in the sundae isn’t really too overwhelming.

    @Diana – Nothing could be better! ; )

  3. Kelly Sas says

    Oh I hope it is such a hit that they will still have it when we go with our grandsons (ages 3 & 5) at the end of February 2012!!!

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