News! Epcot’s Katsura Grill Grand Opening and Menu Announced

As reported in August, counter-service restaurant Yakitori House is being transformed into a new restaurant in the Japan Pavilion. The new Katsura Grill is set to open its doors on December 7, 2011, to Epcot visitors.

The Yakitori House in Epcot's Japan Pavilion

Taking inspiration from the Katsura Imperial Villa of western Kyoto, Katsura Grill will reflect the Japanese architecture and incredible gardens of this Imperial Family villa.

The menu will include Sushi, Japanese Curry, Teriyaki, Udon Noodles, Miso Soup, Edameme, Green Tea Ice Cream and Sake.

Source: AllEars.Net


  1. melissa sue says

    AJ, are you going to do a review while you’re in the World next week? If not, I think I can squeeze it in on Sunday, Dec. 11, and get you a review ASAP.

  2. says

    we used to really like grabbing a bite at the Yakitori house, and I am glad this will open before I get there. EPCOT has great sit down places but I am always looking for a quick service place with international flavors.

  3. Armand says

    They better not have messed with my Tonosama Combination plate. It was my fav meal at any quick service dining location in all of WDW. ;.;

  4. says

    Melissa Sue — I’m going to try to get there around the 10th! Will keep you updated!

    Lori — Agreed! I liked Yakitori a lot. Interested to try this spot.

    Armand — Ha !! Fingers crossed!

    Ryan — Woo!!

  5. MadScientistAmy says

    Make that three for the 10th! This may interrupt my planned Cupcake Crawl but my crazy nephew hates chocolate; might abandon cupcakes for this! Disney is my hands-down favorite place to eat sushi, so I’m really excited!!

  6. Melody Harpole says

    December 7th???? Does no-one at Disney own a calendar? This is in extremely poor taste. This will be the 65th anniversary of PEARL HARBOR!!! Someone deserves to get fired over this.

    My family suffered greatly in that war, and I take offense at this.

  7. chrissy says

    When you go for lunch can you please let us know if there is a child menu? We will be down in May and I have 2 children that LOVE LOVE LOVE sushi.

    My last name is Van Valkenburgh – the name of the last Commanding Officer of the Arizona when it went down in Pearl. I honestly don’t think that anyone at Disney was making a political statement when they decided to open the eatery on that day especially considering the amount that Walt Disney himself did for our troops during WWII. I think that more than likely Disney World is just trying to get all of the kinks worked out on their newest eatery before the mad Christmas rush.

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