News! Fantasmic Picnic Package Available in Late December

Just in time for the holiday crowds, a picnic-style dining option will be offered to guests visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios from December 18 – December 31st. You can begin booking this experience on December 1st by calling 407-WDW-DINE (a credit card guarantee is required).

Let’s face it, the lines for Fantasmic! are long and the table-service seating for Fantasmic! meals is limited. Mickey has a solution this holiday season – the new “A Taste of Hollywood To Go – A Fantasmic! Dining Experience”.

You’ll get a reasonably priced picnic along with reserved seating to see the show. Similar to the standard Fantasmic packages, seating in the reserved section of the stadium will still be first come, first served. This comes, we think, due to the successful run of the the World of Color picnic option over at Disney California Adventure.

Min and Bill's Dockside Diner

Meal Pick Up will take place at Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner beginning at 11:00 a.m. until 1.5 hours prior to the show time that you preselect. Get your meal when it best fits into your touring schedule!

Fantasmic seats will be based on the number of guests in your party and entrees ordered must be equal to or greater than your party size. Each entree can be purchased with one counter-service Disney Dining Plan credit.

Here are a few pics of what the picnic meals will look like!

Fried chicken with maple-glazed sweet potato and baby spinach salad, broccoli and cranberry salad and cheesecake ($14.99)

Fried Chicken

Veggie wrap with avocado spread, tabbouleh, avocado and tomato salad with citrus vinaigrette and chocolate cake ($14.99)

Veggie Wrap

Olive oil poached salmon with couscous salad with dried cranberries and peas, roasted beet and apple salad and Key lime pie ($14.99)

Olive Oil Poached Salmon

Teriyaki and orange marinated beef with udon noodle salad and caramelized vegetables and sesame mandarin vinaigrette, seaweed salad with gingered carrots and mandarin orange cheesecake ($14.99)

Teriyaki and Orange Marinated Beef

Fresh fruits, Brie, dipped strawberries and focaccia bread ($11.99)

Chocolate-dipped pretzels, strawberries and marshmallows with chocolate dipping sauce ($9.99)

Kid’s meal with turkey and American cheese wrap and strawberry yogurt, apples and carrots with ranch dip and seven-layer cookie bar ($5.49)

Turkey Wrap Kids Meal

Kid’s meal Power Pack with Goldfish crackers, strawberry yogurt, string cheese, apples and carrots with ranch dip and a seven-layer cookie bar ($5.49)

Source: DisneyParks Blog

What picnic meal will you try?! Let us know in the comments below!


  1. marcellina says

    I really like this idea because I am not one to wait in that crazy crowd to see Fantasmic and because of that I haven’t seen it in years. The food looks decent to good and I like that there are plenty of options for people. I’m actually really surprised to see seaweed salad in one of the meals! I love seaweed salad if it’s done right and the veggie wrap with avocado looks like a great healthy/veggie option!

  2. Pudge the Fish says

    This is a nice option, especially since they let you use the DDP. And they look like direct clones of the WoC meals that I saw in July.

    I just wish that they would offer the “best” (or better) seats in the theatre for these Fantasmic meal programs. I find it insulting that they place you in the “worst” seats of the theatre and that they either sell more meals than there are seats in that section, or just as bad, open the “reserved” seats up to people that are not on the meal program.

  3. Kim says

    Marcelina – I hear ya. Do not like to wait in that claustrophia-inducing line for Fantasmic – I usually get in line once the queue is already moving into the stadium. I’ll take your word for it on the seaweed salad! ;-)

    Pudge the Fish – Great point about the seats that Fantasmic dining package guests are ushered to in the theater. I totally agree!

  4. Aydin says

    Looks like the same craving-inducing fried chicken from ’50’s Prime Time Cafe! That dish alone has made that one restaurant a can’t-miss during all of our Disney World trips.

  5. says

    While this is an interesting idea for sure, I would MUCH rather eat at a sit down dining establishment that day for about the same price in some restaurants at the Studios and get much better quality food overall.

    I think it I were to participate in this Picnic dining option, I would get the fruit and cheese one or the pretzel, strawberry and chocolate dipping sauce one. This picnic option works better as a snack in my opinion here than as a dinner or lunch.

    However, it will certainly serve some people very well I’m sure.

  6. Jen says

    These are reminiscent of the DL World of Color picnic meals but they changed up some of the items here. I have to say that I was really disappointed with the DL picnic meal that I got in September. My fiance and I both thought the food was really bad. And we got better seats the second time we went to WoC with normal Fastpasses instead of the FPs we got with the meals.

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