Snack Series: Selma’s Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie

Selma’s cookies are omnipresent in Disney Theme Parks. You’ll find them branded as Minnie’s Bake Shop cookies (usually individually sold), and you’ll also find them in the bakery counters at most Disney bakeries (including Main Street Bakery, Frontierland’s Prairie Outpost and Supply, Sweet Spells in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and more). So I figured I should review one, even though it’s not specifically made by Disney chefs…

Selmas Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie

At first, I was highly skeptical. I mean — these are often pre-packaged! They’re not necessarily “fresh made” that day, right? But, I have to admit, once I tasted this chocolate chip peanut butter cookie, I wouldn’t have cared if it had been made the night before, the week before, or the year before! ;-)

Cookie Cross-Section

It might be pre-packaged, but this stuff is awesome! I have no idea what the story is on preservatives here, but the HUGE, soft cookie is extremely moist and full of flavor. There’s nothing dry, crispy, or dull about this.

And I loved the giant peanut butter and chocolate chunks all throughout the cookie. They added tons of flavor without being “crunchy” the way some chocolate chunks can get (you know what I mean — those cheap, chalky chocolate chips that have zero flavor and only server to annoy the consumer?). Nope — everything works very well in this cookie.

Cookie Close-Up

So, I must admit that I have no qualms about this cookie — or the line of baked goods that Selma’s creating for Disney parks. I’d gladly go back and sample several other flavors the next time my sweet tooth is ready to take on a challenge!! :-D

Have you tried Selma’s cookies or Minnie’s Bake Shop large cookies? Do you have a favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. marcellina says

    I’ve heard good things about these cookies but have yet to get one or even see a picture of one… I am also a HUGE peanut butter cookie fan so I know what I’m buying on my next trip! Thanks!

  2. says

    I love them too – especially the white chocolate raspberry. We always make a stop at Goofy’s Candy Co. in Downtown Disney to “cash in” our remaining snack credits. These cookies are an excellent way to spend a snack credit! My girls like the chocolate candy (M&M) cookies and usually eat 2 each on the plane ride home.

  3. Karen says

    Thanks for the info. I have always been curious about those huge cookies but I was fearful that they would be hard and dry. Now I will have to put them on my food “to-do” list!

  4. says

    I *love* the raspberry white chocolate cookies! I was pretty skeptical at first; but I needed to use up some extra snack credits at the end of our last trip, so I grabbed one of those cookies in the Everything Pop food court… OMG! I actually have it on my list for next year!

  5. Pudge the Fish says

    AJ, you did this one just for me didn’t you? Return of “GIMB”!!!!

    These are one of my favorite things to get with a snack credit, but I usually go for the all peanut butter variety. I always get them at Goofy’s in DTD so they are in the case and not pre-packaged. I’d be afraid to look at the “nutritional” content because the softness of the cookie leads me to believe that there is A LOT of butter and/or shortening in there.

  6. Karen says

    These cookies are amazing!! My kids beg for these when we are in the parks!! We even have taken them home and warmed them up so the chocolate and peanut butter melt- yum!!!!!

  7. says

    Len Testa insisted I try one of these and I have been hooked ever since. To me, they have the consistency of cookie dough more than a baked cookie, and as I’ll always prefer my cookies raw this qualifies as perfection. :D

  8. Jen S says

    Those cookies are unreal! I have friends bring them back home if they are in Disney and I am stuck in cold little RI! BUT…..You can buy them from QVC and they are a bit cheaper and delicious!! Can’t wait to go in 60 days!

  9. says

    Did you know that these exact cookies are also available at Universal Studios?? It’s always amusing to me to see the same offerings at both parks :)

  10. says

    I ADORE these cookies! After getting frustrated with crunchy or hard cookies from the Mainstreet Bakeshop or Starring Rolls, I tried one of these and its now my favorite way to end a night. They are so moist and have that cookie dough texture. I LOVE them!

  11. Ric says

    What a few of you guys like about this cookie is the thing I can’t stand about it. As “Ain’t Baroque” mentioned, it has the consistency of cookie dough as though it never got up to temperature, rather was just dried out.
    Not saying anyone is wrong to like this cookie, but it’s so not for me. I’ll take a crunchy crumbly cookie any day.
    Thankfully, Disney has those too!

  12. says

    I first tried the above cookie at Disneyland and was instantly addicted. Then last week I recieved a Christmas package with Selmas and was in awe at how much they tasted like Disney’s. I immediately ordered more for myself!! Now I know why they tasted so much like Disneys. YUM!!

  13. Tracy says

    Yum!!! I have not had one of these for a few years, but they are really good. The peanut butter ones are my husband’s favorite. I love the chocolate chip and the peanut butter and chocolate chip as well. I will say that if you are watching your weight then these are not for you. lol But you must try one the next time you can!!!

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