Nominate Your Favorite Disney Restaurants for a 2011 DFB Choice Award!

Around here, we believe there’s no better restaurant recommendation than the one we get from another Disney fan. So, in our quest to provide the very best information about Disney restaurants, we created the DFB Choice Awards in 2010!

These awards are bestowed upon Disney-area food and restaurants based on nominations and votes from Disney Food Blog readers. Here’s the timeline:

Nominations: December 15-20
Award Voting: December 21-28
2011 DFB Awards Announced:December 31

To participate, nominate one contender for each category in this survey (contenders can be from ANY Disney-related park or resort around the world unless otherwise specified); the top nominations from each category will be entered into our voting round, which begins on December 21, 2010! See you then!

Click Here to Nominate Your Favorites for a 2011 DFB Choice Award!

Thanks again for nominating!


  1. Galloping Gourmand says

    I don’t pay any attention to the Dining Plan categories so I don’t know the Signature and Non-Signature. I’ll just put in a nom for Kouzzina. It’s underrated.

  2. Chris says

    I’ve been looking forward to this so thanks for setting this up! I should have just waited until the voting stage because I can’t follow instructions and may have invalidated up my form. Sorry!

  3. says

    Can’t wait until the kids are a bit older where we can try more signature dining without characters. :-) I left that column blank! haha

  4. Ryan says

    AJ – I’d love to see a list with “favorites” instead of “best”. For example, I think V&A is the best signature dining on property, although I’d usually rather eat at other restaurants if given the choice.

  5. says

    Chip — Thanks; good luck.

    Michael — Ha ha! Maybe we’ll have to introduce that next year!

    GG — Signature = ‘spensive! ;-) Oh wait — all Disney restaurants are pricey. Never mind. ;-)

    JoAnn — Thank you!!

    Chris — No problem! Looking forward to your votes, too!

    Wendy — It will be a whole new world!!

    Ryan — Very good point. I like the idea of using favorite next year!!!

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