New Restaurants Join the 2012 Disney Dining Plan

We gave you a bunch of updates and changes to the Disney Dining Plan in our 2012 Disney Dining Plan Changes post.

But now that many of the non-Disney-owned restaurants have finalized their commitment to the DDP, we have a clearer picture of where you’ll be able to dine with the Disney Dining Plan next year.

Added to the list in 2012 are the following restaurants:

2 Table-Service Credits
Bistro de Paris
Downtown Disney
Fultons Crab House
Wolfgang Puck Dining Room (upstairs)

One Table-Service Credit
Downtown Disney and AK
Rainforest Cafe (both locations)
Downtown Disney
TRex Cafe
Bongos Cuban Cafe
Crossroads at House of Blues
Paradiso 37

Counter-Service Credit
Beastly Kiosk
Mr. Kamal’s
Katsura Grill replaces Yakitori House on the list
Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner
Diamond Horseshoe
Friar’s Nook
Golden Oak Outpost
Tortuga Tavern replaces El Pirata y el Perico on the list
Downtown Disney
Bongo’s Cuban Cafe Sandwich Window and Marketplace Snacks
Trails End Takeaway
Turtle Shack
Paddock Grill
Art of Animation Resort’s Landscapes Cafe (Phase 1 Scheduled to open Summer 2012)
Water Parks
Cooling Hut
Lowtide Lou’s
Snack Shack
Surf Doggies

Basically, this means that nearly every restaurant is now included on the Disney Dining Plan except for those at the Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts. You can see the full 2012 Disney Dining Plan PDF here.

If you notice other updates to the list, just drop us a line and let us know! :-) In the meantime, check out our extensive info about the Disney Dining Plan here!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these additions! Let us know your take in the comments section below.


  1. says

    I think that is a great idea. I know we did not spend a lot of time at DTD because of the lack of table service options on the plan. It will help to give people on the dining plan more options at DTD. Of course, the win-win is it will mean more shoppers there during dining hours to increase spending. The flip side – it will mean ADRs are harder to snag.

  2. Pudge the Fish says

    Great news, I haven’t seen this posted anywhere else yet. Thanks AJ. You gotta wonder why it took so long for these “missing” restaurants to come on board? I also wonder what affect that it will have on their individual menu selections and pricing.

    Wait a minute, no Ghirardelli? I know that I could easily create a quick service meal there: Brownie appetizer, Sundae entree and Shake beverage, I wouldn’t even need a dessert!! ;)

  3. Chris says

    Im just so relieved that San Angel Inn and Tangerine Cafe are still there, as well as Yak & Yeti and Sci-Fi Dine In. We’ve been numerous times to WDW from here in the UK, but have never stayed on property. Next October will be our first time, and we’ve got the DDP. These are the places we’ve always wanted to try. Yay! By the way, sooooo love this site. Xx

  4. JoAnn says

    If I remember correctly, Fulton’s and Rainforest Cafe were on previous dining plans but only if you had the plans higher than deluxe. Does this mean they are on the standard and deluxe plans now too?

  5. says

    I’m so excited – we just booked a dinner at Bistro de Paris, somewhere we’ve always talked about going! (Just a note, the Disney Dining Reservations site is still showing that restaurant as not being on a dining plan, but the 2012 DDP PDF shows it as being effective as of 1/1/12, so maybe it won’t show up until then?)

  6. says

    I am over the moon excited to see Rainforest Cafe added as a single credit restaurant :D My family loves it and we dine there every trip (regardless of DDP) But I think it is very worthy of my dining credit.

  7. says

    Wendy — My guess is that it was always a work in progress and the DDP finally offered reason to have those restaurants sign on. Most of them are owned by the same company.

    Wendy — Fulton’s is difficult for me since I’m not a huge seafood fan, but I’ve heard good reviews recently from seafood-lovers!

    Beth — Exactly. Several of those restaurants were winners for me because I could get into them easily! Not so much anymore probably! (Still, the food is good, so I’ll make it happen!)

    Pudge — GREAT question about what affect it will have on their menus. I will seriously cry if the Paradiso menu is changed significantly! ;-) Also, good question about Ghirardelli!

    Chris — Thanks for the kudos! I’m so glad you’ll be able to try those spots now!! Let us know how you like ‘em!

    JoAnn — Sorry for not getting over here sooner! Glad you found the answer. :-) (For others, the answer is yes, Fulton’s and Rainforest are on the standard and deluxe plans now as well.)

    Sara — Great!! Yes, I think it will show up beginning in January. Hope you enjoy!

    Kristina — Yay! So glad to hear it!

    Emma — You’re welcome! See you in October!

  8. Louise says

    Going in early January 2012 and was told by our Travel Agent that a premium or deluxe dining plan was needed for Rainforest cafe??? Apparently, this was the info given by a Disney rep.
    The 2012 brochure does not state this fact. Is it possible that the representatives at Disney are misinformed about the additionnal restaurants? Help!

  9. says

    Louise — Rainforest is on the list as a one-credit for the standard dining plan this year according to the 2012 Dining Plan PDF. Double check with your travel agent now that the new restaurants have been added.

  10. Brad C says

    This is awesome! We love doing the deluxe plan and making trips to the Singnature (2 cred) locations. The addition of WP upstairs, Bistro de Paris, and Fulton’s… wow!!

    So I wonder if the Sunday Gopsel Brunch will be available at House of Blues on the plan?

    I had decided we wouldn’t be doing the plan the next trip with the latest price increase and no real added benefits for the deluxe plan, but this may have just changed our mind :)

  11. Carol says

    Well, so long to those resturants.

    Sorry, but when they join DDP they have to make some cuts. What Disney reimburses them is too little for quality food. I went to these resturants because the quality was better, the food was better etc. then the DDP resturants. I expect that soon we will have the “LeCellier” experience at Bistro (AKA as “Le Chefs de France with higher prices)

  12. Iris says

    AJ, I cannot find anywhere that Wolfgang Puck’s upstairs is actually on the plan now. It is not included on the official brochure.
    Can you help me out with a huge “YES” please?!

  13. says

    Iris — YES. It’s on page 4 of the Disney Dining plan pdf :-) It’s called “The Dining Room.” It IS 2 dining credits though.

  14. Iris says

    Thanks a million, AJ. This is very exciting. I wasn’t going to buy the deluxe plan anymore because I wanted to eat at this place, Fultons and Bistro de Paris. Now all is well. It will fit in with all those many credits we have.
    :) <—–this is the look of a happy woman, lol

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