News! Todd English’s bluezoo Unveils an Interactive Bar Menu!

Fun news for you today! Todd English’s bluezoo now has an interactive, electronic bar menu!

Courtesy of our good friend (and Disney World aficionado) Lori Wagner, we’ve got some great photos of the exciting new addition to this Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort restaurant with AAA Four Diamond acclaim.

bluezoo has long been known for its bar. Its unique and inventive cocktails have kept guests coming back for years! Now they’ve added another reason to visit — a cool new interactive menu! The menu is attached to the bar table, so guests can easily browse through and make their choices.

bluezoo Electronic Bar Menu

The interactive menu is much like the ones you’ll see at several of the counter-service locations in Disney’s theme parks. You’ll start out choosing a category — Bar snacks, wine, cocktails, or beer.

Bar Snacks, Wine, Cocktails and Beer

Once you’ve made that decision, the menu will display more specific choices…

Bar Snacks

White and Red Wines


Your eventual choice will lead you to a photo and description of the menu selection (when available).


I love this new addition! I can’t wait to head over to bluezoo to use it! Thanks again to Lori for the heads up!

Have you stopped by bluezoo lately? Let us know what you think of the interactive bar menu!


  1. marcellina says

    That’s pretty cool.. but do you just look through the menu and then a waitress comes to take your order or do you actually choose what you want on the menu screen? It would be really cool if you could just choose what you want yourself and it electronically sent your order to the kitchen/bar!

  2. Martha says

    I was just there in October to celebrate hubs and I 9 year wedding anniversary. We love to try new restuarants when ever we can especially at Disney. The food was amazing we had the smoking sangria, delicious. I looking forward to going back. :)

  3. Lori says

    The servers will still come to the table to take your order. I had a lot of fun playing with the bar menu. I would have taken a photo of the interesting beer selection, but I forgot. :)

    I didn’t order from the bar menu that night. I did the Chef’s Tasting menu at the bar, with wine pairings. 5 courses was $79 plus $30 wine pairings. Tables in Wonderland discount made this a bargain.

  4. Alan says

    A great restaurant and the newest and most entertaining technology makes for a memorable and great experience. These are the types of things that makes our trips to Disney stay in our minds for years and years.

  5. Galloping Gourmand says

    I recently ate at an establishment where they gave us iPads to order with. The order was sent to the kitchen. I hated it, and I can’t say I like this idea either. The waitstaff is a wealth of information about the food, and a good waiter or bartender elevates the meal. Take away that interaction and you are essentially at a sit down automat.

    Have you been to an automat lately? Or one of those paces where the food comes by on a conveyor belt? Wonder why they failed to catch on in any way other than a brief fad? It’s because the establishments had no face, just gimmicks. The chef staff had less connection with the customer. I predict the same end for this as well. It’s a fad that may hang on in establishments that want to seem slick, but ordering this way will fade out quickly.

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